Zefir7: We love books!

An evening about private libraries

Tuesday 17 May 2022, 20.00 hrs
(doors open at 19:30 hrs)
Location: West Den Haag, Lange Voorhout 102, The Hague
Entrance: free (limited number of seats)
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Zefir7 is the Monthly Designers Café in collaboration with BNO. This time an evening about private libraries hosted by book lovers.
ATTENTION: this evening does not take place at Stroom, but on location at West Den Haag!

Our guests are: Peter van Beveren (The Archives); Walter Costa (Photobook library); Akkiem Helmling (Alphabetum); and Rickey Tax (Huis van het boek)

Summer 2021 the late Umberto Eco's library was opened at Bologna University. 40.000 books, picked by an outstanding scholar and writer during his working life. Shortly before, in the Hague, ‘The Archives / Peter van Beveren Library' was being unpacked in the large physics practice room of a former highschool. 25.000 books, a subjective and therefore unique collection of photo- and artists' books.

Meanwhile a much smaller library was crossing the Ocean: Walter Costa's inspiring library of photo books. Shipped from Brazil it landed in The Hague, home of one of the oldest kept-together libraries in the world: The Westreenianum book collection, now part of House of the book.

Back to last summer when Evert van Uitert, former professor of History at Amsterdam University, was looking for a place to install his extensive library that he used, like Eco, for his scholar practice. That's where we will gather for the next Zefir7 evening: in the libraray annex of the former U.S. Embassy where Van Uitert's library rests and where West Den Haag started ‘Alphabetum'. Just around the corner from KABK, gifted with a splendid library and close to the Royal Library, recently coined to national library. Not to mention the ‘Dames Leesmuseum' at Nassauplein and the different museum libraries. And Zefir7's home Stroom Den Haag: check out the Stroom library. The Hague is a city of books. Let's have a peek.

Peter van Beveren - The Archives
Walter Costa - Photobook library
Akkiem Helmling - Alphabetum
Rickey Tax  - Huis van het boek

Zefir7: We love books!
photo: banner design: Vincent van Baar