10 Jun '17
through 27 Aug '17
A Matter of Time. Thom Puckey and the Thorbecke monument
A selection of works from Thom Puckey's oeuvre. To shed light on the imagery used in his striking new Thorbecke monument and his other work.
31 May '17
through 18 Jul '17
OpZicht: Manuel Beltrán
A presentation of the Institute of Human Obsolescence by artist and activist Manuel Beltrán. With working sessions open to the public; next one is 4 July 2017, 14-16 hrs.
29 May '17
through 09 Jul '17
Ondertussen: Bernice Nauta
On a daily basis two original drawings from the series 'Imaginary studio' will be presented. After 38 days all drawings will have been shown.
09 Sep '17
through 19 Nov '17
Céline Condorelli: Proposals for a Qualitative Society (Spinning)
Stroom's exhibition space as a place for rehearsal and play. Carousels and spinning tops invite visitors to play and interact with them, while (historical) references of radical playground-designs show what play means for the city and for society.
Invest Week 2017
Jan Rosseel 'Flash Memory'
New books in the library
New publication: Facing Value
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