25 nov '15
Constant Dullaart: lecture
'Balconism, neoliberal lulz and resurrected armies'. Lecture about the constantly changing control mechanisms in the online world and the value of facebook likes.
31 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
Ondertussen: Karel van Laere
‘SLow', the second part of a video triptych dedicated to a passive, human body being dragged around.
18 nov '15
through 26 jan '16
OpZicht: Majda Vidakovic
'Did you mean: anything else - part II'. A playful multimedia installation turns the internet into a physical experience.
03 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
An installation by Bruno Listopad and Nikola Knežević.
03 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
The Hague: City without walls?
Window presentation by Floris van der Zee about urban defense techniques, from both the past and the present.
03 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
Culture of Control
Program about the impact of control on our daily life and the way we experience the city.
27 nov '15
through 31 jan '16
Christie van der Haak: 'Sproken / Fairy Tales'
Award ceremony Ouborg Award 2015 and opening exhibition on location in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
12 dec '15
Disorderly Group Behaviour
Presentations during the closing weekend of SHOW MORE. On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December.
15 dec '15
through 15 jan '16
Remembered Always
What is the colour of monuments in The Hague? Exhibition on location in Atrium City Hall.
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