06 dec '14
through 15 mrt '15
Ângela Ferreira: Revolutionary Traces
Two new sculptures link the work of architect Álvaro Siza in the Schilderswijk (The Hague) with Bairro de Bouça (Porto).
10 jan '15
through 01 mrt '15
Ondertussen: The New Fordist Manifesto
Selection of work made during a residency at GEMAK: video registrations, scores and more.
14 jan '15
through 01 mrt '15
OpZicht: Jef Stapel
Paintings made from discarded materials from renovations, like plywood panels.
04 mrt '15
Stroom School Ângela Ferreira: Social housing after Siza (with Jeroen Geurst)
Discussion with Jeroen Geurst (Geurst & Schulze architecten) + Endry van Velzen (De Nijl Architecten) and Olof van de Wal (Leef de stad).
11 mrt '15
'Culture of Control': evening in collaboration with Platform Scenography
The theme of 'security' seen from the viewpoint of criminology (Marc Schuilenburg), theater (Joachim Robbrecht) and design (Pink Pony Express). Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
22 mrt '15
through 12 apr '15
A Crushed Image (20 years after Srebrenica)
Exhibition with work by Peter Koole and Jason File. Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
28 mei '15
The Knight's Move: Laura Kurgan
NEW DATE: Lecture by the director of Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University.
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