06 apr '16
through 03 jul '16
Another Reality. After Lina Bo Bardi
Exhibition around the work of Lina Bo Bardi with contributions by CÚline Condorelli, Leonor Antunes, Manuel Raeder & Mariana Castillo Deball, Mike Cooter and Wendelien van Oldenborgh. 'In progress': 6-22 April.
08 apr '16
through 08 mei '16
Dunja Herzog: The Word For World Is Forest
Exhibition in collaboration with and on the location of 1646 in the Boekhorststraat. Part of 'Attempts to Read the World (Differently)'.
16 mrt '16
through 02 mei '16
OpZicht: Esther Hovers
What is the relationship between man and architecture? When is architecture an expression of power?
19 mrt '16
through 08 mei '16
Ondertussen: Eric Kampherbeek
The bike trip of photographer Eric Kampherbeek along the Jalan Raya Pos (The Great Post Road) on the island of Java, Indonesia.
04 mei '16
through 21 jun '16
OpZicht: Menno de Bruijn and Max Lennarts
Presentation of two two newly registered artists from The Hague.
11 mei '16
Stroom School 'Another Reality': lectures Zeuler Lima and Max Risselada
Lectures about Lina Bo Bardi as exhibition designer and about Charles & Ray Eames and Lina Bo Bardi.
27 mei '16
through 29 mei '16
Festival Designkwartier Den Haag 2016
Presentations by designers and artists Rozemarijn Lucassen, Sara Vrugt, Mirte van Kooten, Christie van der Haak and chairs 'after Lina Bo Bardi by students Interior Design at the KABK.
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