05 jul '15
through 20 sep '15
Gareth Moore: A Burning Bag as a Smoke-Grey Lotus
A large-scale installation of sculptural instruments that describes the course of one full day, from sunrise to sunset.
04 jul '15
through 06 sep '15
Ondertussen: Tanja Engelberts
Work around the Creation Myth of the Crow, the native people of Wyoming and Montana.
30 jul '15
through 14 sep '15
OpZicht: Sonja Volmer
An interactive and site specific installation, which dares people to make new friends
18 mei '15
through 20 sep '15
Re-scaling Turrell's Celestial Vault and Gaillard's Dunepark
On the occasion of Stroom's 25th anniversary graphic designer Tereza Ruller created this presentation of two works of landscape art from the Stroom archives.
04 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
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Bruno Listopad en Nikola Knežević present their research on self-design aspects of social broadcasting.
04 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
Culture of Control
Program about the impact of control on our daily life and the way we experience the city.
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