03 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
An installation by Bruno Listopad and Nikola Knežević.
03 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
City without walls (?)
Window presentation by Floris van der Zee about urban defense techniques, using examples from both the past and the present.
12 sep '15
through 25 okt '15
Ondertussen: Marius Lut
A selection of works made for his soon to be released publication ‘Form no Form/ The Black Series'.
17 sep '15
through 17 nov '15
OpZicht: Koos Breen 'Territories 2.0'
Works created via the method of Associative Morphology.
11 okt '15
Control in the movies
Film clips and a debate about the impact of control on society i.c.w. Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.
03 okt '15
through 13 dec '15
Culture of Control
Program about the impact of control on our daily life and the way we experience the city.
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