15 Oct '16
through 13 Nov '16
Circles of Focus: The Fall Experiment
Artists Christine Borland and Brody Condon interrogate the potential for the act of mark-making in clay to constitute a legally binding body-donation bequest.
12 Oct '16
through 29 Nov '16
OpZicht: Yamuna Forzani
Yamuna Forzani wants to live in a queer utopia. Her work immediately leaves an impression and her imagery grabs you by the throat.
29 Oct '16
through 08 Jan '17
Ondertussen: Eric Peter
His project ‘Familiar Strangers: Conversations on the Near Future'. A search for understanding, peacefulness and happiness through distinct voices.
31 Oct '16
through 26 Nov '16
I die, therefore I am
Exhibition about death on location in Atrium City Hall. With the monumental video installation 'I will die' by the Chinese artist Yang Zhenzhong.
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