10 Jun '17
through 27 Aug '17
A Matter of Time. Thom Puckey and the Thorbecke monument
Which place does the monument for J.R. Thorbecke occupy within Thom Puckey's oeuvre? Which role have previous portrayals of the statesman Thorbecke played in the genesis of this much-talked-about monument?
29 May '17
through 09 Jul '17
Ondertussen: Bernice Nauta
On a daily basis two original drawings from the series 'Imaginary studio' will be presented. And visitors are invited to have tea from objects that are displayed on the table.
11 Feb '17
through 27 Aug '17
Window display: Thorbecke monument (Thom Puckey)
A new monument for the Dutch 19th-century statesman J.R. Thorbecke. The window display shows the different stages of the creation of the monument.
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