22 jun '16
through 23 aug '16
OpZicht: Marit Mihklepp
Presentation of an archive for dreams of flying, or how humans experience the impossible.
28 jun '16
through 28 aug '16
Ondertussen: Ingmar König
Photographs and a lighting installation with a tangled knot of spots, light bulbs, LED strips and fluorescent tubes.
14 mei '16
through 04 sep '16
Imagine: Encountering the Other
Window display in concurrence with the fact that the former Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment will be refurbished to house 350 status holders.
08 okt '16
through 13 nov '16
Circles of Focus: The Fall Experiment
Artists Christine Borland and Brody Condon interrogate the potential for the act of mark-making in clay to constitute a legally binding body-donation bequest.
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Sculpture Folkert de Jong
The Reading Room: 4 August
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