28 sep '14
through 23 nov '14
A Glass Darkly
The historical ideology of glass architecture in the light of the present moment. How do the ideals of an open society and transparency stand up today?
02 okt '14
through 16 nov '14
Susan Schuppli: 'Evidence on Trial'
Videos and animations based on records from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Part of  'See You in The Hague'.
01 sep '14
through 26 okt '14
Ondertussen: Pulsar Project
A collaboration between visual artist Pim Piët and composer Anna Mikhailova.
03 sep '14
through 02 nov '14
OpZicht: Arike Gill
'Le Palais de l'électricité', a large drawing inspired by old photographs of the World's Fair in Paris in 1900.
31 okt '14
The Tribunal For Uncertain Objects (How do you bring an iceberg to court?)
Presentations of projects by students of the KABK. On location at Bezuidenhoutseweg 30. Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
02 nov '14
Stroom School 'A Glass Darkly': guided tour Roel Griffioen
Author, researcher, and editor of Kunstlicht.
05 nov '14
'Burning Images, Hanging Dissent', lecture by Florian Göttke
On location at Living Lab, Leiden's Centre for Innovation, in The Hague. Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
09 nov '14
Stroom School 'A Glass Darkly': guided tour Nat Muller
An independent curator and culture critic interested in the connection between visual arts, politics and media.
12 nov '14
Stroom School 'A Glass Darkly': A Space Fantasy - Literary Architecture
An evening around the importance of a literary view on architecture. In Dutch only!
19 nov '14
The Knight's Move: A Kassen
This Danish collective works with performative installations and sculpture, humor and surprise.
06 dec '14
through 22 feb '15
Ângela Ferreira
Solo exhibition.
21 jan '15
The Knight's Move: Ilka & Andreas Ruby
The founders of the agency Textbild and publishing house Ruby Press.
19 feb '15
The Knight's Move: Laura Kurgan
The director of Spatial Information Design Lab at Columbia University.
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