18 Mar '17
through 21 May '17
De Gruyter & Andeweg
This exhibition with new work by Voebe de Gruyter and Juliaan Andeweg focuses on the subtle but unmistakable kinship seen in their work, presenting a new perspective on their respective practices.
06 May '17
Stroom School De Gruyter & Andeweg
An afternoon with background information about the exhibition and conversations with the artists, Voebe de Gruyter and Juliaan Andeweg.
25 Mar '17
through 21 May '17
Ondertussen: Mischa Daams
The research project 'Origin' explores the power of the imperfect copy.
23 Mar '17
through 23 May '17
OpZicht: Stefan Bandalac
A site-specific video installation composed of two new video works, 'Wanderer' and 'Reflections No. 1'.
11 Feb '17
through 30 Apr '17
Window display: Thorbecke monument (Thom Puckey)
A new monument for the Dutch 19th-century statesman J.R. Thorbecke. The window display shows the different stages of the creation of the monument.
11 May '17
Zefir7: Michiel Schuurman
The monthly Designers Café at Stroom Den Haag. This time with Michiel Schuurman, a graphic designer who specializes in typography, pattern and poster design, embracing a fearless and bold approach.
Thorbecke monument
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