16 jan '16
through 03 apr '16
Display Show
Exhibition about the display of works of art. In collaboration with Eastside Projects. Curated by Céline Condorelli, Gavin Wade and James Langdon.
27 jan '16
through 14 mrt '16
OpZicht: Daan Liu
'Crease (repair).' An exploration of the tension between the photographic image and the object.
11 jan '16
through 28 feb '16
Ondertussen: iii: self-made performative media
A selection of projects that were supported and presented by artist-run platform iii between 2014 and 2015.
17 feb '16
Stroom School Display Show: lecture Koenraad Dedobbeleer
'Objections, Mischaracterized and Calling for Speculation'. Lecture by the Belgian artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer.
24 feb '16
The Knight’s Move: Milo Rau
Lecture by Milo Rau, director of the International Institute of Political Murder.
06 mrt '16
Stroom School Display Show: exhibition tour Marian Cousijn
Art historian Marian Cousijn will talk about the art of exhibiting.
20 mrt '16
Stroom School Display Show: exhibition tour Arnoud Dijkstra
Artist and interior designer Arnoud Dijkstra will share his vision on the concept of display.
23 mrt '16
Stroom School Display Show: lecture Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone
'Franco Albini, Carlo Scarpa and the Museum of Floating Objects'.
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