25 apr '15
through 21 jun '15
Neïl Beloufa: Counting on People
Installations and films reflect how rationalization and (digital) technology have an increasing influence on society today and on our daily life.
21 apr '15
through 08 jun '15
OpZicht: Evelien Gransjean
The artist uses tape, fishing wire, glass, coversheets, paper and found objects to create her installations.
21 mrt '15
through 10 mei '15
Ondertussen: glinting honey in the dark, a feather tickling on my back
Project Sukebeningen, Nishiko and Gabey Tjon a Tham, around sensuality and (Japanese) eroticism.
21 mei '15
Zefir7: Roosje Klap
Monthly Designers Café i.c.w. BNO Kring Den Haag. Special guest: Roosje Klap, a studio for visual communication.
04 okt '15
through 29 nov '15
Culture of Control
About the impact of control on our daily life and the way we experience the city. Part of 'See You in The Hague'.
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