30 Sep '16
through 30 Sep '16
Circles of Focus: Legal Event
In the setting of an 18th century parlour there will be recreations of the fall experiments using the clay of the Clay Event) and blooms of the Iron Bloom event. The results will be discussed by legal experts.
03 Aug '16
through 06 Oct '16
Let’s go outside! Discover the art on the streets of The Hague
Free city map with 100+ highlights. Hop on your bike, the bus or tram and plan your own trip!
03 Sep '16
through 23 Oct '16
Ondertussen: Waalko Dingemans and Jason File
In 2015 the two artists co-curated a group exhibition at GEMAK entitled The Observer Effect. In Ondertussen they present video documentation, photographs and an analysis of collected data.
24 Aug '16
through 11 Oct '16
OpZicht: Cleo Wächter
'Autostop - Retracing Routes'. Cleo Wächter and her brother retraced the route their father travelled in 1980 in an attempt to get 'under the hood' of contemporary hitchhiking culture.
14 Oct '16
Circles of Focus: Open air firing Event
The clay tablets that were produced during the Legal Event will be baked in an oven of sandy loam built by Ingrid Mol and students of the Rietveld Akademie.
15 Oct '16
through 13 Nov '16
Circles of Focus: The Fall Experiment
Artists Christine Borland and Brody Condon interrogate the potential for the act of mark-making in clay to constitute a legally binding body-donation bequest.
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