26 Nov '16
through 05 Mar '17
Attempts to Read the World (Differently): Three Exhibitions in Five Acts
In three successive solo exhibitions Max de Waard, Monira Al Qadiri and Jean Katambayi Mukendi present proposals that breathe new life into the way we think about our ever-changing world.
12 Oct '16
through 03 Jan '17
OpZicht: Yamuna Forzani
Yamuna Forzani wants to live in a queer utopia. Her work immediately leaves an impression and her imagery grabs you by the throat.
29 Oct '16
through 08 Jan '17
Ondertussen: Eric Peter
His project ‘Familiar Strangers: Conversations on the Near Future'. A search for understanding, peacefulness and happiness through distinct voices.
12 Jan '17
Uncertainty Seminars #1 with Andrew Norman Wilson
Screening, performative lecture and talk. The American artist reveals the hidden stuctures behind power, technology and capital. Part of 'Attempts to Read the World (Differently)'.
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