Stroom Den Haag Stroom Den Haag is an active center for visual arts and architecture. en 1440 Stroom Den Haag 01 Sep - 04 Nov | Lawrence Lek: Nøtel (The Hague) An immersive multimedia installation in which the exhibition space is transformed into a marketing suite for the Nøtel Corporation, a fictitious hotel chain which promotes a fully automated luxury lifestyle. In collaboration with musician Kode9. 22 Sep - 23 Sep | Nøtel Bicycle Tours: (UN)just Peace On the occasion of the UN International Day of Peace and the Just Peace Festival, Nøtel invites you to a bicycle tour of The Hague's International Zone. This area is the focal point of The Hague's rebranding effort as the city of Peace, Justice, and Security. 01 Sep - 28 Oct | Ondertussen: Alexandra Martens Serrano Artistic research focused on the concept of ‘domesticated objects': objects/images which are physically and mentally reclaimed and disciplined to perform in new ways through long term relationships with humans. 07 Sep - 28 Oct | OpZicht: Tommy Smits Presentation by a newly registered artist from The Hague. A trailer for the upcoming movie and book 'Tommy & Danny op Zoek naar De Toekomst'. A collaboration with Daniel Dmyszewicz. 17 Nov - 27 Jan | Nishiko: Repairing Earthquake Project After the earthquake and tsunami in 2011 in Japan, Nishiko went searching for remaining objects and collecting eye-witness accounts that enable us to experience the aftermath of the disaster first hand.