Stroom Den Haag Stroom Den Haag is an active center for visual arts and architecture. en 1440 Stroom Den Haag 25 Jan - 09 Mar | Window presentation: Theo Jansen The artist Theo Jansen has been awarded the Culture Prize of The Hague for 2018. For the occasion he created a window display featuring one of his 'Strandbeesten'. 07 Feb - 25 Mar | OpZicht: Afra Eisma 'Amnesia aesthetics of pingpong poetics'. Presentation by a newly registered artist from The Hague. 13 Jan - 04 Mar | Ondertussen: Anna Moreno Presentation of her recent project ‘The Drowned Giant'. The starting point was a happening from 1970 to promote an utopian housing project by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. 10 Mar - 08 Apr | Milo Rau: The Congo Tribunal "Where politics fail only art can help". This unique transmedia art project examines the causes and backgrounds to the Congo War, one of the bloodiest economic wars in the history of mankind.