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Energy Research Center The Netherlands
Energy from biomass
Federation for enduring energy
Vegetable growing, Sexism and Class War
Green Guerillas NYC
12 Ambachten (12 trades), center for ecological technique
Provo in The Netherlands
The war between Unocal and Bridas over a pipeline through Afghanistan
Bloodmoney war over pipeline
Central Asia, the war between the oil companies
Oil interests and the Taliban
Joeri Boom: The big oil game
Utopia-what for?

Radical green links selected by Nils Norman

Kyong Park
International Center for Urban Ecology Detroit
Profile ICUE Detroit
Grace Lee Boggs: Detroit
Archilab, Orleans 2001
Archilab 2001
Kwangju biennal 1997
Kyong Park profile
Images of the Future-The Architecture of a New Geography
StoreFront for Art and Architecture
StoreFront for Art and Architecture
StoreFront for Art and Architecture

Nils Norman
Interview Artforum, 2002
Building of the Geocruiser
Urbanist Utopias and Criticism
Geocruiser links
The Religion of Gerrard Winstanley and Digger Communism
Geocruiser at Büro Friedrich, Berlin
Review by Peter Fend

Ocean Earth
H2 Earth by OceanEarth
Ocean Earth Policy Models
Ocean Earth Policy Models
Ocean Earth Policy Models
Peter Fend: Ecologies
Peter Fend: Ecologies
Atopic Site
Peter Fend: Le Monde du Marchant du Sel
Ocean Earth: Paradise Built-Art Gets Real
Statements from George Chainken and Peter Fend

One Architecture + Berend Strik
Exhibition Vleeshal Middelburg, 1998
Research urban condition Middelburg 1998
One Architecture
Corporate Avant-Garde
Environmental, economic and social sustainability
Artist Collaboration with Berend Strik
Berend Strik portfolio
Berend Strik: India diary
Study trip to India