I Proclaim, You Proclaim, We Proclaim: Lea Lagasse

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Léa Lagasse reconstructs a reading wheel for the performance The Awaken Dreamer (2012) based upon the designs of Agostino Ramelli in the sixteenth century. This circular object allows its user to consult several books at once, creating an active and associative reading experience. A performer operates the reading wheel containing a selection of six books by Vladimir Nabokov. Passages are read aloud linked together by associations and reoccurring literary motifs.
Performer: Alexander Mayhew

For Expanded Performance Léa Lagasse also initiated the project Serendipitous Circuit.

Lea Lagasse (* 1979, France) is an artist who lives and works in London. Her practice investigates our relationship with reality and the authenticity of its experience. In her work, existing objects and situations are replaced by one's imaginary perception and subjective interpretation. She turns her personal reading into "meta-books", commenting on the original text, yet contained within that text. Recent exhibitions include Untitled, Parking Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa 2012; Naufrage, USF Gallery, Bergen, Norway, 2011; and The Malady of Writing, A Project on Text and Speculative Imagination, MACBA, Barcelona, Spain, 2010.