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New Temporary Grant Scheme
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The deadline of 1 July 2020 has passed. It is no longer possible to submit applications.

Not the time for a party
In 2020, Stroom celebrates its 30th anniversary. Initially, we planned to honor this special occasion with a meaningful and festive program, under the name '2020 Stroom 30'.

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Now that the Covid-19 virus is roaming the world, making victims in all kinds of ways and ravaging the precarious art sector, we think such an anniversary celebration is inappropriate. Many makers and organizations have their backs against the wall, their survival seriously compromised.

Especially now, however, the sector is showing its flexibility, its desire to communicate and, above all, its creativity. Especially now it is evident how essential art and culture are for our society. And especially now it is art that gives shape to its mission to 'make things visible', to its ambition to offer beauty, comfort and trust, and to its ability to look at reality in a different way.

In these surreal times, Stroom wants to celebrate its 30th anniversary by giving attention and support to those who play a vital role in the preservation and further development of a unique and diverse art scene. We make our anniversary budget (and more) available to the arts community.

We introduce a temporary grant scheme, Stroom Promise, for artists, collectives, initiatives, writers and others from The Hague who want to initiate artistic projects/activities in response to the present and urgent situation in our society as a result of the Corona crisis.

It concerns art projects and art related activities that take place in The Hague or in the digital domain, which (to give an idea):
- visualize the impact of the Covid-19 virus on our society in a unique way
- bring artists and creative makers together
- reach new audiences
- provide innovative information on contemporary art
- connect people, and help them out of their isolation
- share knowledge, skills, stories and ideas outside the regular channels, which
  are particularly relevant in this day and age
- facilitate joint experiences of art and culture and lay the foundation for a renewed
  cultural life in the aftermath of this crisis
- establish new connections across existing borders to meet the challenges posed by
  the current crisis
- contribute in an original way to the development of awareness of the current situation
  and with an eye towards the future
- offer a vision of a post-corona society

Applicants from The Hague; artists, curators, critics, publicists, artist initiatives, collectives, collaborative partnerships.

Stroom Promise is a financial contribution to projects/activities that emerge from the current situation or look ahead to the future after the crisis. The maximum amount of the contribution is the  symbolic sum (in the context of the 30-year anniversary) of € 3.030,-.

You can submit your application digitally to until 1 July 2020, unless the ceiling of the temporarily available budget has been reached.
Applications will be processed in chronological order of their submission date. Two external committee members will jointly issue a final recommendation about the applications that meet the formal criteria. Stroom will follow this advice and will notify the applicants by e-mail.
For reasons of efficiency and to speed up the grant scheme, it is not possible to request a reasoned advice. We hope you understand.
After a positive advice a grant letter will be e-mailed to the applicant and the entire amount will be transferred to the specified bank account number.

application form
The deadline of 1 July 2020 has passed. It is no longer possible to submit applications.

You can apply for a grant by filling out the special Stroom Promise application form. This form can be found on the website of Stroom Den Haag and consists of 3 parts *:
- applicant information and project/activity information,
- a budget estimate,
- a brief description of the project/activity consisting of 2 A4 pages (maximum).
* relevant and up-to-date documentation can be sent as an attachment.

The starting point for the review of the applications is:
- the artistic and content-based quality
- relevance to the general theme and/or sub-themes (as defined above)
- feasibility of the proposal
- the impact of the project/activity on what is being aspired to and on the persons and groups involved in the project

substantive report
Within 1 month after the end of the project/activity, you must submit a short substantive report including images of how things went.


photo: globe design by The Rodina
>> Description Stroom Promise
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>> Application form (in English)
The deadline of 1 July 2020 has passed. It is no longer possible to submit applications.