OBJECT Tijdelijk (PROPERTY Temporary)

• The OBJECT Tijdelijk grant is a one-time contribution towards the start-up costs of new studio spaces in a temporary location/studio complex.

For whom
• Artist-run initiatives, artists' collectives of which at least 60% of the members are registered as a professional artist in the Stroom database.

Existing or future artist-run initiatives that plan to work in a new temporary studio complex or move into a new temporary location in The Hague are eligible for OBJECT Tijdelijk funding. This is subject to the condition that the initiative in question focuses on the autonomous visual arts.

Application procedure
Applications for an OBJECT Tijdelijk grant can be submitted throughout the year by means of the relevant application form, but should be received no later than 1 month before the applicant moves into the temporary premises.

Required information
Applications for an OBJECT Tijdelijk grant consist of:
• a completed application form;
• a completed budget that provides insight into the expected start-up costs. A budget template (modelbegroting) can be downloaded on the subsidies survey page or at the bottom of this page;
• The initiative's memorandum of association or articles of association (where relevant);
• A brief description of the initiative, accompanied by a programme of activities.

Grant amount
The maximum OBJECT Tijdelijk grant amount that can be applied for is a one-time payment of € 1,500 per artist-run initiative or artists' collective.

All forms can be download via the Subsidies (Funding) page >> click here