Bibliotheek: nieuwe aanwinsten - juni 2018

Soul of a Nation : Art in the Age of Black Power / edited by Mark Godfrey and Zoé Whitley ; with contributions by Susan E. Cahan, David C. Driskell, Edmund Barry Gaither, Linda Goode Bryant, Jae and Wadsworth Jarrell, Samella Lewis. - London : Tate Publishing, 2017. - 256 p. : ills. ; 26,5 cm
Includes notes.
In the period of radical change that was 1963-83, young black artists at the beginning of their careers confronted difficult questions about art, politics and racial identity. How to make art that would stand as innovative, original, formally and materially complex, while also making work that reflected their concerns and experience as black Americans?
Soul of a Nation surveys this crucial period in American art history, bringing to light previously neglected histories of 20th-century black artists, The book features substantial essays on abstraction and figuration, black feminism, AfriCOBRA and other artist-run groups and the role of museums in the debates of the period and visual art's relation to the Black Arts Movement.
2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the first use of the term "black power" by student activist Stokely Carmichael; it will also be 50 years since the US Supreme Court overturned the prohibition of interracial marriage. At this turning point in the reassessment of African American art history, Soul of a Nation is a vital contribution to this timely subject.

Adrian Piper : A Synthesis of Intuitions 1965-2016
/ Edited by Christophe Cherix, Cornelia Butler, and David Platzker ; With essays by Christophe Cherix, Cornelia Butler, David Platzker, and Adrian Piper.. - New York : The Museum of Modern Art, 2018. - 352 p. : ills. ; 31,5 cm
Includes a personal chronology, and bibliography.
Adrian Piper has consistently produced groundbreaking work that has profoundly shaped the form and content of conceptual art since the 1960s. Strongly inflected by her longstanding involvement with philosophy and yoga, her pioneering investigations into the political, social, psychological, and spiritual potential of Conceptual art have had an incalculable influence on artists working today. Essays in this book examine her extensive research into altered states of consciousness; the introduction of the Mythic Being—her subversive masculine alter-ego; her media and installation works from after 1980, which reveal and challenge stereotypes of race and gender.

Public Space? : Lost and Found / edited by Gediminas Urbonas, Ann Lui, Lucas Freeman ; texts by Timothy Morton, Brian Holmes, Mark Wigley, Beatriz Colomina, Ina Blom, Bik Van der Pol, Metahaven [ al.]. - Cambridge, Mass. ; London : The MIT Press, 2017. - 328 p. : ills. ; 28,5 cm
Includes contriburor biographies and index.
Reflections on the rapidly changing formulations of public space in the age of digital media, vast ecological crises, and civic uprisings. Public Space? Lost and Found combines significant recent projects in art and architecture with writings by historians and theorists. Contributors investigate strategies for responding to underrepresented communities and areas of conflict through the work of Marjetica Potr? in Johannesburg and Teddy Cruz on the Mexico-U.S. border, among others. They explore our collective stakes in ecological catastrophe through artistic research such as atelier d'architecture autogérée's hubs for community action and recycling in Colombes, France, and Brian Holmes's theoretical investigation of new forms of aesthetic perception in the age of the Anthropocene. Inspired by artist and MIT professor Antoni Muntadas' early coining of the term "media landscape," contributors also look ahead, casting a critical eye on the fraught impact of digital media and the internet on public space.

Courageous Citizens : How Culture Contributes to Social Change / edotors Bas Lafleur, Wietske Maas, Susanne Mors ; texts by Stuart Hall, Pascal Gielen, Saskia Sassen, Ana Vuljanovic, Fatima El-Tayeb [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2018. - 271 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Courageous Citizens celebrates the capacity of individuals and small groups to contribute to social change through culture and art. The book focuses on those whose daring, sharing, and inventing contribute to our collective future, and for whom cultura and democracy are the starting points for vision and action. The cycle of (re-)thinking, doing, and changing that is inherent in remodelling the way we view the world and concurrently the potential of culture to contribute to positive social change is addressed through three key themes:
I - Diversity and Equality; II - Communities and Democracy; III - Fragmentation and Solidarity.

An Independent Mind : Europe and the Arts
/ editors Matieu Segers, Yoeri Albrecht , Anne-Marijn Epker ; texts by Romain Rolland, Arnon Grunberg, Susanne Kennedy, Thomas Mann, Susan Sontag, Hans Magnus Enzensberger [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Uitgeverij Prometheus, 2018. - 224 p. ; 20 cm
After the First World War, French romantic Romain Rolland published his Déclaration de l'Indépendance de l'Esprit, a passionate manifesto in which he disputed nationalism and war, and voiced a plea for European camaraderie. Seldom has the importance of free-thinking been expressed more concisely or fervently. With Rolland's manifesto as a starting point, this collection presents some urgent excerpts by Europe's greatest writers and thinkers and places them in our modern-day context. Can their ideas regarding Europe provide us with answers to the questions that Europe is currently struggling with?

The People vs. Democracy : Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save It / author Yascha Mounk. - Cambridge Mass. ; London, 2018. - 392 p. ; 22 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The world is in turmoil. From Russia, Turkey, and Egypt to the United States, authoritarian populists have seized power. As a result, democracy itself may now be at risk. Two core components of liberal democracy—individual rights and the popular will—are increasingly at war with each other. As the role of money in politics soared and important issues were taken out of public contestation, a system of "rights without democracy" took hold. Populists who rail against this say they want to return power to the people. But in practice they create something just as bad: a system of "democracy without rights." The consequence, as Yascha Mounk shows, is that trust in politics is dwindling. Citizens are falling out of love with their political system. Democracy is wilting away. Drawing on vivid stories and original research, Mounk identifies three key drivers of voters' discontent: stagnating living standards, fear of multiethnic democracy, and the rise of social media. To reverse the trend, politicians need to enact radical reforms that benefit the many, not the few.

Die Europa Trilogie = The Europe Trilogy : The Civil Wars ; The Dark Ages ; Empire / author Milo Rau ; with a Postface by Rolf Bossart. - Berlin : Verbrecher Verlag, 2016. - 384 p. : ills. ; 17 cm. - Deutsch / English
Thirteen actors and actresses from eleven different European countries narrate stories from their own lives and works. Throughout three parts and six hours of pure narrative thus emerges the »political psychoanalysis« of a frequently torn continent, but also a deep meditation about theatre itself. »The Civil Wars« holds at its core the ideological homelessness in Western Europe from the end of WWII to postmodern jihadism ; »The Dark Ages« focuses on the wars and evictions in Ex-Yugoslavia, Russia and Germany ; in »Empire« actors from Greece, Syria and Rumania narrate about artistic and real tragedy, about torture, escape, grief, death and rebirth.

Milo Rau : Das Kongo Tribunal / redaktion Eva Bertschy, Rolf Bossart, Mirjam Knapp ; texte Andreas Tobler, Milo Rau, Sylvestre Bisimwa [ al.]. - Berlin : Verbrecher Verlag, 2017. - 304 p. : ills. ; 17 cm
Seit über 20 Jahren verwandelt ein Bürgerkrieg ein Gebiet von der Größe Westeuropas in die Hölle auf Erden: Der Kongokrieg ist seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg der opferreichste Konflikt überhaupt. Im Sommer 2015 realisierte Milo Rau mit seinem Team »das ambitionierteste politische Theaterprojekt, das je auf die Bühne kam« (The Guardian). Er lud im Kriegsgebiet Opfer, Milizionäre, Regierungsvertreter, Oppositionelle, Unternehmer und Vertreter internationaler Organisationen zum »Kongo Tribunal«.
Im Buch versammelt sind die wichtigsten Zeugenaussagen, Statements der internationalen Jury, Reden, Interviews und Rechercheberichte von Milo Rau, die Plädoyers der Richter sowie die wichtigsten Analysen und Presseberichte.

Artist as Reporter : Weegee, Ad Reinhardt, and the PM News Picture / author Jason E. Hill. - Oakland : University of California Press, 2018. - 376 p. : ills. ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Active from 1940 to 1948, PM was a progressive New York City daily tabloid newspaper committed to the politics of labor, social justice, and antifascism—and it prioritized the intelligent and critical deployment of pictures and their perception as paramount in these campaigns. The book considers the journalistic contributions to PM of such signal American modernists as the curator Holger Cahill, the abstract painter Ad Reinhardt, the photographers Weegee and Lisette Model, and the filmmaker, photographer, and editor Ralph Steiner. Each of its five chapters explores one dimension of the tabloid's complex journalistic activation of modernism's potential, showing how PM inserted into daily print journalism the most innovative critical thinking in the fields of painting, illustration, cartooning, and the lens-based arts.

Gallische Wetten : Over de oorsprong van 'genocide' en 'misdrijven tegen de menselijkheid' / auteur Philippe Sands. - Houten : Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum, 2018. - 512 p. : ills. ; 23 cm. - oorspronkelijke titel East West Street, 2016.
Bevat noten en register.
Als mensenrechtenadvocaat Philippe Sands wordt uitgenodigd om een college te geven in de West-Oekraïense stad Lviv, ontdekt hij een reeks buitengewone historische toevalligheden. Dit is het begin van een speurtocht die hem de halve wereld over zal voeren op zoek naar de oorsprong van het internationaal recht en zijn eigen geheime familiegeschiedenis, beginnend en eindigend met de laatste dag van de Neurenbergprocessen. Drie mannen vormden de leidraad voor Sands' zoektocht: mensenrechtenadvocaten Raphael Lemkin en Hersch Lauterpacht, de grondleggers van de begrippen ‘genocide' en ‘misdaden tegen de menselijkheid', en Hans Frank, Hitlers advocaat en leider van de nazibezetting in Polen. Het resultaat is een indrukwekkend boek dat laat zien hoe de wereld na de Tweede Wereldoorlog op juridisch gebied worstelde met iets overweldigends als massamoord.

Macht en verbeelding
/ auteur Femke Halsema. - Diemen : Stichting Maand van de Filosofie, 2018. - 72 p. ; 22 cm. - (Essay voor de maand van de filosofie)
Bevat noten.
Het utopisch denken van de jaren zestig belandde de afgelopen decennia in het verdomhoekje van grootheidswaan en totalitair verlangen. Maar de laatste jaren keren utopische vergezichten weer voorzichtig terug aan de horizon van de politiek.
Femke Halsema laat in dit essay zien dat sinds de jaren tachtig de politiek technocratisch en repressief is geworden. Aan de hand van werk van filosofen als Richard Rorty en Hannah Arendt pleit ze vurig voor een terugkeer van idealisme, verbeelding en hoop in de politiek.

Cutting Matta-Clark : The Anarchitecture Investigation
/ author Mark Wigley ; with contributions by Tina Girouard, Jene Highstein, Dickie Landry, Jeffrey Lew, Richard Nonas, Bernard Kirschenbaum, Susan Weil Kirschenbaum. - Zürich Lars Müller Publishers, 2018. - 528 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes index.
The Anarchitecture group show at the fabled 112 Greene Street gallery - an artistic epicenter of New York's downtown scene in the 1970s - in March 1974 has been the subject of an enduring discussion, despite a complete lack of documentation about it. Anarchitecture, a collective challenging all conventional understandings of architecture, has become a foundational myth, but one that remains to be properly understood.
Cutting Matta-Clark investigates the group through extensive interviews with the protagonists and a dossier of all the available evidence. The dossier is subjected to ever deeper forensic analysis - cutting into both the concepts and the cuts to see what the elusive, mysterious, seductive, yet viral word Anarchitecture offers us today.

In Part : Writings by Julie Ault / edited by Julie Ault and Nicolas Linnert ; with an introduction by Lucy R. Lippard. - New York ; Cologne ; Berlin : Dancing Foxes Press : Galerie Buchholz, 2017. - 272 p. : ills. ; 23,5 cm
Spanning more than three decades, this book brings together a full spectrum of the artist, writer, and activist's published texts through carefully selected extracts in a singular volume. Reprinted in sequence alongside a selection of full-length texts, this series of excerpts contours a chronology that relates Ault's continuous artistic growth, longstanding political concerns, and dynamic interpersonal affinities. Beginning in the 1980s with texts written with her collaborators in Group Material and COLAB, In Part highlights Ault's shift from exhibition making in the mid-1990s to include publishing and writing. Ault's dialogic practice, extends to the present day through her sustained engagements and relationships with such artists as Corita Kent, Félix González-Torres, Nancy Spero, David Wojnarowicz, and Martin Wong.

Mechanisms / edited by Anthony Huberman ; texts by Terry Atkinson, Poe.L, Neïl Beloufa, Zarouhie Abdalian [ al.]. - Amsterdam : ROMA Publications, In cooperation with CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco, 2017. - 288 p. :  ills. ; 21 cm
Catalogue accompanying the exhibition Mechanisms organized by CCA Wattis Institute,on view Oct 12 2017 to Feb 28 2018. A second, expanded version opened at Secession, Vienna, summer 2018. It reflects on ways the "machine" determines how we live and what we believe in. A machine is also a mechanism, not just a physical object but also an abstract ideology. The artworks point to the forms and instruments that make up our technological infrastructure, as well as to the values they are designed to enforce. Contesting a world that rewards efficiency, speed and productivity, the participating artists test existing systems with inefficient machines, impossible tools, wasted time and elaborate protocols that misalign outputs and inputs.
Louise Lawler, Lutz Bacher, Richard Hamilton [ al.]

/ texts by Navid Nuur, ed. by Lotte Haagsma and Mia Verstraete. - Amsterdam ; Waregem : Roma Publications ; Be-Part, 2017. -  116 p. ; ills. ; 30 cm
Catalogue documenting Funnelflux, a solo exhibition by Navid Nuur from Aug. 27 to Dec.10, 2017 at Be-Part, Platform for Contemporary Art, Waregem, Belgium, combining a cross section of earlier works with new pieces and site specific installations. Placed in the heart of a photographic tour through the entire installation, there is an insightful text by the artist about his process of creating an exhibition like this, from the moment of being invited by an institution.

Ola Vasiljeva : You've got beautiful stairs, you know
/ authors Ola Vasiljeva, OAOA and Chris Fitzpatrick. - München ; Amsterdam : Kunstverein München : Roma Publications, 2016. - 96 p. : ills. ; 30 cm. - (Companion series 4)
You've got beautiful stairs, you know is the fourth installment in Kunstverein München's ‘Companion' series, and was released in parallel to Ola Vasiljeva's eponymous exhibition. The publication's 100 full-color and black-and-white pages combine facsimiles of zines, records, and posters Vasiljeva produced collaboratively as OAOA, intercut and overlaid with 35mm slides, drawings, and photographs taken by the artist during the production of previous exhibitions, as well as a manic letter to the artist by Chris Fitzpatrick.

The Incomplete Writings of Mark Dion : Selected Interviews, Fragments, and Miscellany / author Mark Dion ; edited by Roel Arkesteijn. - Published by the Fieldwork Museum, 2018. - 544 p. : ills. ; 24,5 cm
Includes biography, bibliography and index.
The Incomplete Writings of Mark Dion is a Wunderkabinett in book form. It comprises nearly a hundred richly illustrated texts by and interviews with Dion from the mid-eighties to the present day. It offers an overview of the evolution, diversity and at the same time remarkable consistency of Dion's work.
Mark Dion is a prominent pioneer of environmental and ecological art. As a visual artist, he appropriates scientific methods of fieldwork, collecting, ordering, and exhibiting objects. He reflects on the visual representation of nature, engages in institutional critique, contributes to postcolonial discourse, and bears witness to the devastating impact of humankind on our natural environment.

Observatorium : De Dwarsligger van Aalst / redactie Andre Dekker, Charlotte de Goey ; teksten Andre Dekker, Ruud Reutelingsperger, Arno van Roosmalen, Matthias van de V|elde, Kwinten Callens ; Rotterdam : Maatschap Observatorium, 2018. - 90 p. : ills. ; 21 cm
Kunstwerk Dwarsligger wordt ontmoetingsplek op Dender. Vanaf april 2017 is Aalst opnieuw een kunstwerk van OBSERVATORIUM rijker. Geen sculptuur om enkel naar te kijken, maar wel een constructie óp de Dender om over te wandelen, samen te komen, bijzondere plekken langs de Dender te ontdekken en Aalst op een andere manier te bekijken. Met de Dwarsligger krijgt Aalst er een ontmoetingsplek bij. Aalst zet volop in op stadsvernieuwing en de Dender speelt daarin een cruciale rol. De Dender heeft immers het potentieel om de grootste publieke ruimte van de stad te zijn. De stad Aalst en Netwerk / Centrum voor Hedendaagse kunst gingen een samenwerking aan om kunst te integreren op deze plek.
De naam van het kunstwerk sluit aan bij de Aalsterse volksaard: 'Dwarsliggen' roept associaties op: van eigenzinnig tot eigenwijs en alle schakeringen die ertussen zitten.

Hyperobjects : Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World / Timothy Morton. - Minneapolis ; London : University of Minnesota Press, 2013. - 238 p. : ills. ; 22 cm. - (Posthumanities series 27)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Global warming is perhaps the most dramatic example of what Timothy Morton calls "hyperobjects"—entities of such vast temporal and spatial dimensions that they defeat traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. Morton explains what hyperobjects are and their impact on how we think, how we coexist, and how we experience our politics, ethics, and art.

Beyond the New : On the Agency of Things / editors Louise Schouwenberg, Hella Jongerius ; texts Louise Schouwenberg in close collaboration with Hella Jongerius. - London : Koenig Books, 2018. - 192 p. : ills. ; 25,5 cm
Design theorist Louise Schouwenberg examines the meaning and agency of things as mediators between people and world, both within everyday life and the museum context. Moreover, she questions the market's obsession with novelty in design, and searches for answers how to distinguish novelty for the sake of novelty from true cultural innovation in design, of which a museum archive testifies. The themes, examples and images are chosen in close consultation with designer Hella Jongerius. Graphic design by Irma Boom.

One and Another State of Yellow / author Elian Somers ; text Francien van Westrenen. - Amsterdam : Fw:Books, 2017. - 40 pages leporello + poster + booklet + card + c-print : ills. ; 34 cm
The work ‘One and Another State of Yellow' (2013-2017) by Elian Somers studies the interplay between urban planning, ideologies and psychological warfare around two landscapes of ‘war' in the United States of America: El Paso on the United States-Mexico border and Washington DC, its capital city. El Paso is an American double city with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. In 2010 Juárez was listed as the deadliest city in the world. At the same time El Paso was listed as the safest city of the United States. Washington DC can be seen as the US overall war and control apparatus. ‘One and Another State of Yellow' questions urban landscapes of deception, and more hypothetically, ways in which architecture and urban planning can be strategically employed - as psychological warfare strategies, i.e. propaganda, military deception, perception management - to construct threat, or stimulate fear, or even to deceive an audience or enemy.

Department of Search : Where Art and Science Create Debatable Futures / ed. by Melle Smets, Cynthia Hathaway and Carlijn Diesfeldt ; design by Renate Boere. - Utrecht : Hybrid Crocodile, 2018. - 320 p. : ills. ; 17 cm
The Department of Search was established in 2014 at Science Park Utrecht. This artist run department experimented for three years with action research interventions - like the Zero Footprint Campus, 2017 - to establish new forms of encounters between art and science. This book unfolds the findings and speculate on the potential of a shared space to formulate the fundamental questions of the future. The book design translates the search to the added value of art and science. It illustrates the space for experiment that is needed to break through conventional assumptions, methods and research questions that both disciplines need to come up with new ideas.
Publication presented by the Department at  Zefir7, Stroom Den Haag, May 17 2018.

Thorbecke wil het : Biografie van een staatsman / auteur Remieg Aerts. - Amsterdam : Uitgeverij Prometheus, 2018. - 886 p. : ills. ; 23,5 cm
Bevat uitgebreide noten, bibliografie en registers.
Johan Rudolf Thorbecke (1798-1872) geldt als architect van de grondwet, de Nederlandse staatsinrichting en de parlementaire democratie. Hij wordt nog steeds aangeroepen in actuele politieke kwesties. Hij is de enige Nederlandse politicus met standbeelden in drie verschillende steden, waaronder het Thorbecke monument van Thom Puckey in Den Haag. Wie was Thorbecke? Als halve Duitser en lutheraan uit een berooide Zwolse familie maakte hij in zijn eerste vijftig jaar een wetenschappelijke carrière, als classicus, filosoof, historicus en jurist.
Pas daarna ging hij in de politiek. Van 1848 tot 1872 legde hij als grondwetgever, Tweede Kamerlid en premier van drie kabinetten zijn wil op aan de Nederlandse politiek. Hij brak de macht van het bestuurlijke ancien régime en opende de weg naar modernisering.
Als compromisloze figuur tussen ‘karnemelkmannen' was hij de eerste politicus die het land in kampen van vereerders en haters verdeelde. ‘Populair is alleen hij, die met zijn volk de fouten deelt.' Hij gaf vorm aan de rechtsstaat, de parlementaire politiek, de constitutionele monarchie en de scheiding van kerk en staat. Hij richtte Nederland in.

Vrijplaats voor de kunsten : De Haagse Vrije Academie - Psychopolis 1947-1982 / auteur Saskia Gras. - Delft : Uitgeverij Eburon, 2018. - 387 p. : ills. ; 25,5 cm
Bevat noten, literatuur en register.
De Haagse Vrije Academie, of ‘Psychopolis', stond bekend als vrijgevochten kunstinstituut voor iedereen, jong en oud, met of zonder schoolopleiding. Desondanks bracht het laagdrempelig instituut veel talent voort. Het was jaren een bruisende broedplaats voor bohémiens en avant-gardisten die de klassen in- en uitliepen en in de tussenuren aan de drank en drugs zaten, maar waar ondertussen ook spannende kunstwerken werden vervaardigd. Saskia Gras documenteerde de geschiedenis van dit instituut en legde de verhalen van zijn deelnemers vast.
In 2017 promoveerde cultuurhistorica Saskia Gras op haar onderzoek naar het kunstonderwijs op de Haagse Vrije Academie. Vrijplaats voor de kunsten is de handelseditie van haar proefschrift.

Jean Ray's Malpertuis / door Ibrahim R. Ineke. - Haarlem : Uitgeverij Sherpa, 2018. - 112 p. : ills. ; 29,5 cm
Eigenzinnige bewerking als graphic novel van de gelijknamige fantastische roman van Jean Ray.

Arthur Cravan : Die Kunst, die Kunst, ich pfeife auf die Kunst / gestaltung Bastiaan van der Velden, Patrick Schell, Roberto Ohrt, Julian Sirre. - Hamburg : 8. Salon, 2017. - 208 p. : ills. ; 30 cm
Publikation zur Ausstellung 'Arthur Cravan: Die Kunst, die Kunst, Ich pfeife auf die Kunst', Hamburg 26. November 2015 - 20. Januar 2016.
Der 8. Salon hat zusammen mit Bastiaan van der Velden diese Ausstellung organisiert, die eine Reihe von Originaldokumenten zeigt: Cravans Zeitschrift Maintenant, einige der wenigen Fotos, die es von ihm gibt, Poster, die den Boxkampf gegen Johnson ankündigen (wir danken der Collection David & Marcel Fleiss, Galerie 1900-2000, Paris, für ihre großzügige Unterstützung). Weiteres Material wird das historische Umfeld und die publizistische Wirkung des Boxer-Poeten sichtbar machen. Außerdem haben wir 13 Künstler unserer Zeit gebeten, die Erinnerung an Cravan zu unterstützen.

Mai 68 - Revolution système D / author B. D. van der Velden. - Hamburg ; Den Haag : 8. Salon : La Société Protectrice des Enfants Martyrs / Bronco, 2018. - 146 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
The May 1968 movement in Paris errupts where one of the most mysterious episodes in the life of Arthur Cravan ends.

Verkenning van de rechtvaardige stad : Stedenbouw en de economisering van de ruimte / auteurs Simon Franke en Wouter Veldhuis. - Haarlem ; Amsterdam : Trancity : Valiz, 2018. - 72 p. ; 21 cm. - (stadsessays)
Trancity (Simon Franke) en MUST (Wouter Veldhuis) gaan op zoek naar de rechtvaardige stad. Een stad waar het economisch belang van ruimte niet langer dominant is ten opzichte van het maatschappelijk belang. Waar het stedelijk leven voor iedereen toegankelijk is. Een stad die zorgt voor woonruimte, maatschappelijk vastgoed en publieke ruimte.
Op zoek ook naar de publieke rol van de stedenbouw en naar herstel van de balans tussen de economische en sociaal-culturele dynamiek bij het ruimtegebruik in de stad.

Dimensions of Citizenship : US Pavilion Biennale Architectura 2018 / Edited by Nick Axel, Nikolaus Hirsch, Ann Lui, and Mimi Zeiger ; essays by Ingrid Burrington, Ana María León, Nicholas de Monchaux [ al.]. - Los Angeles : Inventory Press, 2018. - 256 p. : ills. ; 18 cm
Globalization, technology, and politics have altered the definition and expectations of citizenship and the right to place. Dimensions of Citizenship documents contributions from the seven firms selected to represent the United States in the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. Drawing inspiration from the Eames' Power of Ten, Dimensions of Citizenship will provide a view of belonging across seven stages starting with the individual (Citizen), then the collective (Civic, Region, Nation), and expanding to include all phases of contemporary society, real and projected (Globe, Network, Cosmos).

New Commons for Europe / edited by Flavien Menu ; texts by Peter Swinnen, Flavien Menu ; contributions by Assemble, REAL, raumlabor [... et al.]. - Leipzig : Spector Books, 2018. - 188 p. : ills. ; 24 cm
Includes biographies.
On 9 December 2016 the Architectural Association in London hosted the event "The Bedford Tapes", which brought together architects and experts from all over Europe. New Commons for Europe captures the vitality and the doubts of a new generation of architects living at a key moment in the history of the European Union and questioning the role of the profession and the architect's ability to produce projects and spaces for the common good with an alternative set of resources and profit structure. After the conference a series of interviews were conducted with participants in London, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, and Bucharest.