PRO Premium

• The PRO Premium grant is awarded to individual artists with a busy artistic practice who produce high-quality, distinctive work and who have embarked on a phase of targeted intensification, in-depth exploration or acceleration in their career. Recipients can use the PRO Premium grant to take full advantage of this new focus and further develop their practice in terms of depth and progression.
• In addition, the grant is intended to strengthen the individual artist's position in the national and/or international art scene.
• Amount you can apply for: € 8.000

For whom
• Individuals who have been working as a professional artist for more than 5 years and who are registered in the artist database of Stroom.

The Hague's artistic climate benefits from artists who demonstrate a strong ambition and drive, who are willing to take chances and who have insight in their own artistic practice and in art as a professional pursuit. The PRO Premium grant has been set up to promote their involvement. The grant allows the recipient to take a major step forward in his or her artistic practice in terms of in-depth development and progression, as well as strengthen his or her position in the national and/or international art scene.
The PRO Premium grant is not limited to any specific artistic discipline. It is emphatically intended for artists who strive to clearly distinguish themselves within their discipline in terms of the development of their artistic practice and their professional profile.

Application in person
Stroom offers applicants for a PRO Premium grant the opportunity to submit their application in person during a meeting of the PRO Grants Advisory Committee. They can indicate this preference on the PRO Premium application form. A maximum of 20 minutes have been reserved for this application in person.

How much
• Maximum amount € 8,000.-
Artists can submit 1 PRO Premium grant application per year and may be awarded a maximum of 2 PRO Premium grants in all.

• 2x times a year
With the application form PRO Premium. Please fill out the Dutch form (full English translation of the Stroom Grant brochure can be downloaded separately, see below).

Closing dates 2023
20 February, 18 September

All forms can be download via the Subsidies (Funding) page >> click here



Stroom Premium in 2020
Karel van Laere
Bernice Nauta
Daniël van Straalen

Stroom Premium 2019
Gabey Tjon A Tham
Kim David Bots

Stroom Premium 2018
Dewi Bekker

Stroom Premium 2017

Ibrahim Ineke, Marleen Sleeuwits, Nadine Stijns

Stroom Premium 2016
Channa Boon, Marie Civikov, Bram De Jonghe, Jorrit Paaijmans

Stroom Premium 2015
Johan Nieuwenhuize, Nishiko

Stroom Premium 2014
Onno Dirker, Christie van der Haak, Rubins Spaans

Stroom Premium 2013
Harold de Bree, Femmy Otten, Bas Zoontjens, gerlach en koop, Marius Lut, Marleen Sleeuwits

Stroom Premium 2012
Johan Gustavsson, Gerard Holthuis, Annechien Meier, Machiel van Soest, Anna van Stuijvenberg

Stroom Premium 2011
Sarah Carlier, Hans Ensink op Kemna, Esther Janssen, Marjolijn van der Meij, Joncquil de Vries

Stroom Premium 2010
Arianne Olthaar, Thom Vink

Stroom Premium 2009

Leontine Lieffering, Sara Rajaei, Vittorio Roerade
Tentoonstelling 'Speak, Memory'

Stroom Premium 2008
Rachel Bacon, Gamal Ez, Marleen Sleeuwits, Zeger Reyers
Tentoonstelling 'One on One'

Stroom Premium 2007
Channa Boon, Ton Schuttelaar, Bram Vreven
Tentoonstelling 'For the First and the Second Time'

Stroom Premium 2006
Harold de Bree, Machiel van Soest, gerlach en koop
Tentoonstelling 'Lost Tongues Rediscovered'

Stroom Premium publicaties