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Boeken over wandelen

The Whole Picture : The Colonial Story of the Art in our Museums... and why we need to talk about it / by Alice Procter. -  London : Octopus, 2020. - 304 p. : col. ills. ; 24 cm
Incl. Notes, Bibliography, Index
ISBN: 978-1-7880155-5
The question of decolonising our relationship with the art around us is quickly gaining traction. People are questioning the history of the world's art collections and the position of the museum in the future. In ‘The Whole Picture', art historian and 'Uncomfortable Art Tour' guide Alice Procter provides a manual for deconstructing everything we thought to know about art, and fills in the blanks with the stories that have been left out of the art history canon for centuries.

This Is Not an Atlas : A Global Collection of Counter-Cartographies / ed. by Kollektiv Orangotang. - Bielefeld : Transcript, 2018. - 352 p. : col. and bl/w. ills. ; 31,5 cm
Incl. Notes, Glossary
ISBN: 978-3-8376-4519-4
'This Is Not an Atlas' shows how maps are created and transformed as a part of political struggle, for critical research, or in art and education; from indigenous territories in the Amazon to the anti-eviction movement in San Francisco; from defending commons in Mexico to mapping refugee camps with balloons in Lebanon; from slums in Nairobi to squats in Berlin; and from supporting communities in the Philippines to reporting sexual harassment in Cairo. Kollektiv Orangotang consists of Severin Halder, Boris Mikchel, Nico Baumgarten ... [et al]. The project continues via

Writing New Legends : (Mis)Interpreting Maps / ed. by Joyce Poot and Anna Sejbæk Torp-Pedersen. - Amsterdam : VU Faculteit der Letteren, 2020. - 96 p. : ills. ; 23 cm. - (Kunstlicht, Journal for Visual Art, Visual Culture and Architecture, Volume 41, 2020, no. 2/3)
Incl. Notes
ISBN: 978-9-828184-8-2
Focusing on the personal, bodily and ephemeral, this issue of the magazine Kunstlicht looks at how mapping  is used as a subjective way by contemporary artists and writers. With works by Lucius Fekonja, Zahra Malkani, Shahana Rajani, Abeera Kamran ...[et al.]

Ways of Walking : Ethnography and Practice on Foot / ed. by Tim Ingold and Jo Lee Vergunst ; contributions by Alice Legat, Kenneth R. Olwig, Raymond Lucas ... [et al.] - Abingdon : Routledge, 2016. - 218 p. ; 23,5 cm
Incl. Notes, Index
ISBN: 978-0754673743
‘Ways of Walking' comprises of interesting essays on walking in a range of regional and cultural contexts, exploring the diversity of walking behaviours and the variety of meanings these can embody. As an original collection of ethnographic work that is both coherent in design and imaginative in scope, this primarily anthropological book includes contributions from geographers, sociologists and specialists in education and architecture, offering insights into human movement, landscape and social life.

Walking : A Research Method in Art and Design / ed. by Alice Ladenburg and Alice Twemlow; with contributions by Rebecca Dunne, Christian Ernsten, Vibeke Mascini... [et al.]. - The Hague : Lectorate Design Royal Academy of Arts, 2020. - 256 p. : col. ills. ; 16,5 cm
ISBN: 978-90-72600-561
Art and Design Research Practices is an initiative by the Lectorate Design aiming to identify and share a range of research methods practiced at KABK that use the tools, approaches, and capacities of art and design to create and surface new knowledge.  The first edition was focussed on exploring the research method of walking from a design perspective. It comprised of - a.o. - an interview with public space and landscape designers Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens (KCCM), both tutors at the KABK, an exhibition, an online platform and this publication containing Q&A ‘s, contributions by KABK students, tutors and researchers.

Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer / by Wendell Berry. - London, Penguin, 2018. - 64 p. ; 16 cm
ISBN: 978-0-241-33756-1
'Do I wish to keep up with the times? No. My wish simply is to live my life as fully as I can' The American poet, novelist and environmental activist argues for a life lived slowly.

Our Happy Life : Architecture and Well Being in the Age of Emotional Capitalism / ed. by Francesco Garutti ; texts by Deane Simpson, Simon & Daniel Fujiwara, Ingo Niermann ... [et al]. - Montréal ; Berlin : Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) ;  Sternberg Press, 2019. - 304 p. : col. and bl/w. ills. ; 24 cm
Incl. Notes, Bibliographical References
ISBN: 978-3-95679-486-5
Since the 2008 financial crisis, lists of well-being indicators, happiness indexes and quality-of-life rankings have become viral. Concurrently, the emotional data presented in these surveys feed an expanding political agenda of happiness and a new form of market whose most decisive asset is "affect". 'Our Happy Life'  investigates the architectural implications of this trend by dissecting and questioning the political, economic and emotional conditions that generate space today. The book reveals architecture, city and landscape as contested surfaces, caught between the intangible guidelines of happiness indexes, the new marketplace of emotions, and the relentless ideology of positivity. Published in conjunction with the exhibition at the CCA from May 8 to October 13, 2019.

Nieuw in Oud 2 : Binckhorst Den Haag. Herbestemming industrieel erfgoed /  door Koos Havelaar ; met foto's door Gert van Santen ... [et al]. - Den Haag : SHIE ism Eindeloos, 2020. - 160 p. : kl. en zw/w ills. ; 30 cm
ISBN: 978-90-78824-07-7
Deze publicatie van Stichting Haags Industrieel Erfgoed geeft een overzicht van veelal geslaagde herbestemmingsprojecten in de Binckhorst. Het hergebruik van de bouwcomplexen is uiteenlopend, zowel in uitgangspunten, als in functies variërend van woningen en bedrijfsverzamelgebouw tot  restaurant. Voor de publicatie zijn 12 markante voorbeelden in de Binckhorst geselecteerd, zoals Bink36, de Fokker Terminal en de Caballerofabriek. De publicatie is een vervolg op 'Nieuw in Oud : 20 jaar herbestemming Haags industrieel erfgoed', die is uitgegeven in 2013. In de loop van 2021 wordt in het gebied ook de Rotterdamsebaan voltooid, de tunnel die het centrum van Den Haag met Ypenburg en Rotterdam verbindt.

Performance Works / Joanna Zieli?ska ; contributions by Claire Bishop,  Chris Kraus, Ingo Niermann, Agnieszka Sosnowska ... [et al.]. - London : Mousse, 2019. - 272 p. : col. ills. ; 24 cm
Incl. Notes
ISBN: 978-88-6749-430-9
'Performance Works' examines changes taking place in the traditional exhibition format, which has recently been taken over by hybrid forms that link the visual arts with the performing arts, literature, and music. The book reflects on the changing role of the viewer, who increasingly has become a performer and active participant. Authors also analyze the role of the performer's body and the work that is involved in extended performative exhibitions. Additionally, the book presents the outcomes linked to the performance program launched in 2016 at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, which examined the performative turn in visual arts and its consequences for art institutions, as well as artistic and curatorial practices.

Not Just a Mirror : Looking for the Political Theatre Today / ed. by Florian Malzacher (House on Fire); with contributions by Galit Eilat, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Oliver Marchart ... []. - Berlin ; London : Alexander Verlag ; Live Art Development Agency, 2015. - 195 p. : bl/w. ills. ; 22,5 cm. - (Performing Urgency #1)
ISBN: 978-3-89581-378-8
‘Not Just a Mirror' is comprised of essays, interviews and case studies of political theatre makers, investigating the performing arts as a political laboratory of the present. It explores how theatre, dance and performance reveal their essential agnosticism, provoking the potential to actively change society.
‘House on Fire' is a network of ten European theatres and festivals that aims to support the production and presentation of politically engaged theatre.

Mare Amoris / ed. by Ingo Niermann ; with contributions by Marah J. Hardt and Eduardo Navarro. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2020. - 108 p. :  bl/w ils. ; 18 cm. - (Solution Series 295-304)
ISBN: 978-3-95679-522-0
It was the concept of the ocean as a global commons, free for everyone- first formulated by Hugo Grotius in his 1609 treatise ‘Mare Liberum' - that stimulated a free global market. Today, the free market and the free ocean both suffer from rigorous, exploitive use. A new concept of how to relate to the ocean could transform the global economy and global politics.'Solution 295-304: Mare Amoris'  proposes new practical, technological, and metaphysical scenarios of how to fall in love with the sea, and, eventually, have the sea fall in love with us.
The editing of the ‘Solution' series is a project by Ingo Niermann.

Misericordia : Op zoek naar nieuwe naastenliefde = In Search of New Mercy / ed. by Ewoud Sanders ; with contributions by Jacqueline Grandjean, Jasper Klapwijk, Amal Alhaag ...[et al.]. - Amsterdam : Oude Kerk, 2017. - 160 p. : col.ills. ; 29,5 cm
An urgent appeal is currently being made to our mercy. But what does this age-old ideal of charity still mean? Who is your neighbor these days? Do people in need of help benefit from more or less empathy? And don't we mainly help ourselves by doing good?
This collection brings together various answers to these and other questions and findings from a search for new definitions and applications of charity. It is the result of a multi-year research project Misericordia, developed in 2017 by the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam in close collaboration with Non-fiction. With contributions from journalists, artists (like BeAnoteher Lab, Lina Issa, Cathalijne Smulders ...[et al.] ), scientists, social workers, ex-addicts, a pastor and an imam.

From what will we reassemble ourselves / ed. and texts by Cas Bool, Anna Dasovi?, Natasha Marie Llorens ...[et al.]. - Amsterdam : Framer Framed, 2020.- 42 p. : col. and bl/w. ills. ; 20 cm
Small catalogue accompanying the similar named exhibition that brought together six contemporary artists, a team of researchers and an architect to consider
a crucial question posed by Croatian-Bosnian author Jozefina Dautbegovi?: from what fragments - images, stories, archives, historical scrap - does one represent a life in the wake of genocide? Established in cooperation with Stroom The Hague's project 'Srebrenica is Nederlandse geschiedenis' (Srebrenica is Dutch History) in the context of 25 years after the Srebrenica genocide (Bosnian War). The exhibition was conceved by Ana Dasovic and curated by Natasha Marie Llorens.

We Are Human Rights : Research / ed. by Kornelia Dimitrova. - Rotterdam : Stichting We Are, 2018. - 88 p. : ills. ; 27 cm
Incl. Bibliography, Notes
ISBN: 978-90-82941-40-1
This publication contains all research that has been done by foundation We Are (a consulting design agency) in collaboration with Justice and Peace during their 'We Are Human Rights' project. It explains the concepts of their projects, shows how We Are looks at the agency of design, gives an insight into the methods used and dives into the history of designing for the immaterial. The publication doesn't offer a methodology but the makers state that the 'We Are Human Rights' project generates new insights and observations, and this in itself calls for reflection.

Wat Niet Is Maar Kan Zijn / red. Manon Braat, Heske ten Cate en Lieneke Hulshof en Maurits de Bruijn (Mister Motley) ; met teksten van René ten Bos, Dean Bowen, Louwrien Wijers ... [et al.] . - Amsterdam : Jurgen Maas (De Vrije Uitgevers), 2020. - 136 p. : ills. ; 22 cm
ISBN: 978-94-91921-82-7
Publicatie bij de tentoonstelling ‘A Fair Share of Utopia' gecureerd door Manon Braat, die gelijktijdig plaatsvond bij Nest, Den Haag en CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam (3 Sep - 22 Nov 2020). "Als je vandaag zou sterven en een generatie later zou terugkeren, in welke wereld zou je dan geboren willen worden, ongeacht waar of wie je bent?" Vanuit dit gedachtenexperiment verkennen 10 schrijvers en 9 kunstenaars de mogelijkheid hun eigen belangen opzij te zetten voor een betere wereld.
The Political Beekeeper's Library /  by Erik Sjödin. - s.l. : Ostertorp, 2017. - 74 p. : ills. ; 18 cm
Incl. Notes
ISBN: 978-91-980686-5-8
‘The Political Beekeeper's Library' is a project by the artist Erik Sjödin to collect, organise, and present books where parallels are drawn between how bees and humans are socially and politically organised. This book introduces the library with an essay by Sjödin followed by a catalog with quotes and covers from the twenty-six books included in the library. (Re: Stroom project ‘Honing Bank / Honey Bank' by Olivier Darné and his Parti Poétique)

Designing Lightness : Structures for Saving Energy / ed. by Ed van Hinte, Adriaan Beukers ; design by Renate Boere. - Rotterdam : NAi010, 2020. - 360 p. : col. and bl/w.  ills. ; 23,5 cm
Incl. Index
ISBN: 978-94-6208-546-6
This book is an appeal to start designing minimum weight applications to seriously save energy. It also offers practical advice for doing so. The book is the extended and improved sequel to 'Lightness', which appeared in 1998.

Some books from the series ‘Object Lessons':
Office / by Sheila Liming ; Cell Tower / by Steven E. Jones ; Political Sign / by Tobias Carroll. - London : Bloomsbury, 2020. - 138 p. 146 p. 168 p. : bl/w. ills. ; 16,5 cm. - (Object Lessons) Incl Notes, Index
ISBN: 978-1-6013-4867-9 ; 978-1-6013-4881-5 ; 978-1-6013-5810-4
The series ‘Object Lessons' consists of concise books about the hidden lives of ordinary things, ranging from ‘hashtag' and ‘veil' to ‘the office' and ‘the sea'. Each book starts from a specific inspiration and from there it explores the object of the title, gleaning a singular lesson or multiple lessons along the way. Featuring contributions from writers, artists, scholars, journalists and others, the emphasis throughout is lucid writing, imagination, and brevity. ‘Object Lessons' paints a picture of the world around us, and tells the story of how we got here, one object at a time.

moving - writing 2020 / ed. by Toine Horvers and Kathrin Wolkowicz ; related texts by Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Dick Raaijmakers, Sandra Smets...  [et al.]. Amsterdam ; in house, 2020. - 192 p. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 9789083003849
A selection of 120 of Horvers' performance-works since 1979, concisely translated into words and sentences. Divided in Chapter 1: Works in time and space; Chapter 2: Moving and writing in texts by others. (Also published in a Dutch under the title: ‘ Bewegen - Schrijven')

lying / ed. by Toine Horvers and Kathrin Wolkowicz. - Amsterdam : in house, 2019. - 96 p. ; 17 cm
ISBN: 978-90-830038-1-8
"Every now and then, I briefly describe the bodily positions Jo and myself are laying in as we awaken. Still half asleep, usually with my eyes closed, I try to work out our positions in relation to one another and in relation to gravity." 46 of those descriptions are collected in this publication. (Also published in a Dutch under the title: ‘Liggen')