Time/Bank Symposium: Sue Ball

Thursday 12 May, 2011
Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

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Sue Ball
will talk about Leeds Creative Timebank in a presentation exploring the practice, concepts and contexts, and perceived benefits of establishing an art-specific timebank. With a focus on the Leeds model developed as a DIY alternative economic system to mobilize individual's and the members' network capacity, Leeds Creative Timebank presents a pragmatic mechanism to sustain the sector whilst building social capital and core values within the arts community.
Leeds Creative Timebank is a cash-free platform to facilitate skills exchange between creative individuals and groups in Leeds. Leeds Creative Timebank will extend and broaden the existing riches of the mutual support and exchange of favours within the Leeds creative scene. By formalising and facilitating the fair, free exchange of skills and knowledge the timebank can collectively sustain action and activity within the cultural scene in Leeds - developing an alternative economy that allows individuals, to request, offer and pay for services in time-credit hours.

Sue Ball is a curator/producer and director of Media and Arts Partnership (MAAP) who has been working in social and public settings for over 20 years. She has developed a particular interest in working across disciplines using temporal and ephemeral materials, specifically with sound and the social network as a context for cultural activism. She has worked with notable artists and artists' collectives in the field of social practice and sound including Wochenklusur (Holbeck: 2005-2006), Hans Peter Kuhn (Light Neville Street 2006-09); Bill Fontana (Birmingham University/Arts Council England 2005-07), Black Dogs (Tower Works 2008-09) and has co-produced a number of city festivals including Situation Leeds 2005 artist-led responses to the public realm, and Expo Leeds 2009 with Sound and Music, a four day programme of sonic art and experimental music in public space.
Sue Ball is currently co-producing 'Ways of Hearing' with Sound and Music, a UK national action research programme which seeks to broaden an understanding, on both a personal and professional level, of how we understand and shape the city through a directly sensory engagement with the people, places and spaces of the contemporary urban environment. It will form a national autonomous peer network for practitioner-led research and review. Sue Ball sits on the Steering Group for Turning Point (the national visual arts network), is a director for Art in Unusual Spaces Leeds and a member of the Academy of Urbanism. She was Artistic Director of Pavilion 1996-2000.