How are you... in New York (Jules Rochielle Sievert)

Hoe staat het in deze tijden van corona met onze vrienden die in het afgelopen jaar op bezoek waren bij Stroom, bij wie wij zelf op bezoek zijn geweest, of die hopelijk dit jaar nog komen?
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In these times of corona, what about our friends who visited Stroom in the past year, whom we visited ourselves or who hopefully will be part of the Stroom program this year?
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We vroegen het aan Jules Rochielle Sievert, vorig jaar Reading Resident bij Stroom en samensteller van onze Uncertainty Seminar in september aanstaande.

We contacted Jules Rochielle Sievert, one of last year's Reading Residents at Stroom and currently preparing a new Uncertainty Seminar, planned for September this year.

March 26, 2020
from Brooklyn, New York

"Today the confirmed number of Covid-19 cases in New York is at 30,000. The numbers continue to rise exponentially daily. We have become an epicenter for Covid-19. Many individuals have lost employment, may have lost family members while others risk their lives as an aspect of the jobs they hold.

In response to this crisis, I have been practicing physical distancing, we have been mandated by the state order to shelter in place. I feel strongly connected to this large scale public action, maintaining the health of my community and to the individuals that live in my building and beyond.

While in this period of isolation, I continue to work with the artists that I mentor through More Art's Fellowship program. We do training and check-in's online. I continue to work and plan with my colleagues at NuLawLab and Stroom Den Haag.

At Stroom, I have been asked to begin to organize with local and international artists for the Uncertainty Seminars, a project that will tentatively take place in late September 2020.
Doing this work has allowed me to be socially connected while remaining physically distant. I have been staying emotionally and mentally well by connecting online with artists, colleagues, friends, and family. I have been staying physically and spiritually well by participating in online yoga, meditation, and exercise classes.

I have been deeply inspired by the Collective Care and Mutual Care responses that have appeared all over the globe. These crowdsourced projects that you can share resources and organize with others to create a system of collective care during this global pandemic."

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Jules Rochielle Sievert (Found Image on the Brooklyn Promenade, 2019/2020)
Jules Rochielle Sievert
foto: courtesy the artist
Jules Rochielle Sievert
Reading Residency: November 2019
Jules Rochielle Sievert works at the intersection of art and activism. From 2017-2019, Jules was a Creative Placemaking Policy Fellow at Arizona State University through the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. They are also the Creative Director at NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law, where they are currently working on a project known as Stable Ground. Stable Ground, is focused on addressing the complex relationship among chronic housing insecurity, its psychologically traumatic impact, and municipal housing policy through participatory community-based art and culture programming. Jules also works In New York as an Artistic Coordinator with More Art's Engaging Artists Fellowship and Residency program.