Stroom School: Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office

Stroom School is the umbrella term for the side program accompanying exhibitions. In the Stroom School, the themes are highlighted and more profoundly explored. The Stroom School around Orban Space: Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office includes guided tours of the exhibition, lectures and workshops.

Wednesday 6 March 2013, 8 pm
Céline Condorelli - 'doing and thinking'
lecture + talk with Wouter Davidts
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Céline Condorelli was one of the people asked to contribute to the publication Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office: Orban Space. Unfortunately she was not able to accept the invitation. This lecture in concurrence with the exhibition Orban Space, offers a new occasion to link her 'work and way of thinking' thematically to the practice of Luc Deleu. Wouter Davidts, curator of the exhibition and editor of the publication, will introduce Céline and after the lecture will talk with her about her own practice. >> read more

Sunday 10 March 2013, 3 pm
Guided tour by John Körmeling
Reservations not needed
John Körmeling is known for the work Happy Street (World Expo Shanghai 2010), the square-shaped car, the house on a roundabout and his constantly growing collection of great ideas. During this guided tour John Körmeling will share with us his fascination for the work of Luc Deleu - T.O.P. office. The way they work shows many similarities, although Körmeling's aproach is a bit more lighthearted. How does he interpret Orban Space?

Sunday 24 March 2013, 3 pm
Guided tour by Vera Yanovshtchinsky
Reservations not needed
'Making our world more beautiful'. This is the motto of Vera Yanovshtchinsky. Like Luc Deleu she looks at the world on a global scale. But the way this global view translates into her architectural work differs in more than one way from the oeuvre of Luc Deleu. We can expect an exciting guided tour: what is Vera Yanovshtchinsky's opinion of the 'orbanism' of this less is less architect?

In addition to the above guided tours For groups of students it is also possible to book a guided tour during weekdays. For specific groups we offer socalled lunch-lecture tours. Interested parties are invited to contact Stroom: (t. +31 (0)70-3658985).

Research Lab Next Door (DRS22 i.c.w. KABK)
Around the exhibition there will be a close collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). Under the guidance of the designers Sophie Krier, Cathelijne Montens and Krijn Christiaansen, students of the Research Lab Next Door (DRS22 i.c.w. KABK) will work on an assignment around the public space of The Hague as an international city. This assignment will specifically zoom in on the choice of research methods. >> read more