Stroom Invest Week 2018

Presenting the artists: Stroom Invest Week 2018 from Stroom Den Haag on Vimeo.

18 - 22 June 2018

Public evening of talks Invest Week
Wednesday 20 June 2018, 20:00 - 21:30 hrs

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Stroom Invest Week 2018 - looking back
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The Invest Week 2018 is was rated 4,6 out of 5 by the participating curators! Curator and artist James Edgar immediately invited Kim David Bots, Bernice Nauta and Daniel van Straalen to participate in the exhibition Every Thing, opening 26 July 2018 at Asssembly Point, London.

The PRO Invest grant supports young artists who recently graduated from the art academy. The grant enables artists to develop their work, among other things through their active involvement in The Hague's art world. The annual Stroom Invest Week offers of a program of studio visits, a public evening of talks, visits to places for contemporary art in The Hague and a number of informal meetings. The goal of the Invest program is to stimulate their artistisc practice by reflecting on the work and giving the artists the opportunity to build a national and international network.

Interviews on Jegens & Tevens
The curators and critics participating in the Stroom Invest Week 2018 will be featured on art blog Jegens & Tevens. Click on the titles in the list Participating Curators and Critics below to read the interviews.

The artists participating in this year's Invest Week received a  PRO Invest grant in 2017.

Verena Blok

Natali Blugerman
Kim David Bots
Yamuna Forzani

Roel van Heesch
Mirthe Klück

Bernice Nauta
Jonathan Reus
Arefeh Riahi
Lisa Sebestiková
Daniel van Straalen
Max de Waard
Kacper Ziemianin


- James Edgar

Artist, curator, part of the collaborative artist duo Edgar-Walker. Together they also co-founded and opened Assembly Point in 2015, a contemporary arts space encompassing a gallery and studios in South London.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #1 James Edgar
(Jegens & Tevens, 12 April 2018)

- Lieven Segers
An artist and guest curator from Belgium.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #2 Lieven Segers
(Jegens & Tevens, 18 April 2018)

- Riksa Afiaty
A curator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Heavily involved in the Jakarta art scene through her work with the art collective Ruangrupa Jakarta and Jakarta Biennale.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #3 Riksa Afiaty
(Jegens & Tevens, 8 May 2018)

- Germano Dushá
Curator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a law school graduate and has a postgraduate degree on Art: Criticism and Curatorship. Worked with independent art project Coletor and has since worked on different projects ever since.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #4 Germano Dushá
(Jegens & Tevens, 25 May 2018)

- Renée Mboya (Kenia)
Curator, writer and filmmaker, she was one of the participants of De Appel Curatorial Programme in the 2015/2016 edition. She curated ‘You Must Make Your Death Public' and works currently on the film "Africa Addio" also known as "Africa Blood & Guts".
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #5 Renée Mboya 
(Jegens & Tevens, 11 June 2018)

- Laurie Rojas (Germany)
Journalist and art critic based in Berlin. She currently reports on Berlin, Spanish and Latin American art news for The Art Newspaper.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #7 Laurie Rojas
(Jegens & Tevens, 19 June 2018)

- Judith Welter (Switzerland)
Lives and works in Zurich and Glarus, Switzerland. In 2015 she became the director of Kunsthaus Glarus. Additionally she is co-editor of the online magazine for art criticism Brand-New-Life.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #6 Judith Welter
(Jegens & Tevens, 16 June 2018)

- Maziar Afrassiabi (The Netherlands)
Curator, founder and director of Rib art space in Rotterdam as well as adviser for Sculpture International Rotterdam and member of the board for Platform Beeldende Kunst.
Stroom Invest interviews / curator #8 Maziar Afrassiabi
(Jegens & Tevens, 19 June 2018)

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