United We: Itay Ohaly

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Itay Ohaly is an industrial and product designer from Israel whose work focuses on processes and chaos. He deliberately brings disorder into his working process and actively encourages it. Because he likes to work through non-linear processes, one project may have many possible manifestations. After all, an exploded creative process does not lead necessarily to that one table or one chair. His working method compares in a sense to the Cadavre Exquis drawings of the Surrealists where multiple hands worked on one drawing.

Coincidence, interpretation, collaboration, outsourcing, fragmentation are methods he uses to create his objects and furniture. In The Group Project and Design & Chaos these principles of a non-linear design method and a fragmented co-operation are strongly visible.

About that last project Itay Ohaly wrote:
'The project Design & Chaos produces a series of desks and cabinets that are conceived through distinct processes. Each process is contributed by an individual participant, who has no preconceived notion of the projects end goal. Due to the fragmented nature of the contributions the final design cannot be known until executed. With Design & Chaos normal design processes and their linear logic are eliminated.'

For United We, Itay Ohaly has also created a couple of ceramic vases that ​​hitherto only existed as computer images. The designs were realized through a fragmented process where nobody knew the whole process, the participants only had to perform a given action. As a result, the relationship between the designer and the final object and the influence of the first on the aesthetic process, was interrupted.

Earlier this year Itay Ohaly (together with fellow Design Academy Eindhoven alumni Thomas Vailly and Christian Fiebig) the Frame Moooi Award in Milan. See also: www.dezeen.com