Open call studio visit Amos Ben-Tal on 22 and 23 July 2020

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In addition to the Digital Dialogues, we are also cautiously* restarting our regular studio visiting program. Until 1 July 2020 artists from The Hague can sign up for a studio visit by Amos Ben-Tal.

Amos Ben-Tal, choreographer, dancer, musician and artistic director of dance collective OFFprojects, will visit the studios of The Hague artists on Wednesday 22 July and Thursday 23 July 2020.

His fields of interest are:
"The things that interest me in my own work as a choreographer and musician, in no specific order:
The intuition of the moving body, new forms of articulation (movement, space, time, musicality), movement and/or observation of movement as engines for empathy, songwriting, text as choreography, choreography as poetry, the interaction between a specified (movement) language and free-choice by the performer, the artistic act as an 'encounter' between maker and audience, the role of context in shaping this encounter, the role of spectatorship, the fine line between the relatable and the virtuosic, the psychological and emotional impact of all the above.
For the past 3 years I've been focusing on the theme of time-perception. In parallel I've been involved in an ongoing research about the relationship between choreography and architecture.
Over the years I've also gained some experience in areas such as: collaboration, working in a collective, self-producing, light design, composing music for dance/theater, performance-installations, education.
It should be noted that I don't have any formal education in visual art, nor a wide knowledge of the history or workings of the scene.
I'm interested to meet anyone who feels they can be stimulated by interacting with this 'outsider' point of view and I look forward to exchanging perspectives."

You can apply until Wednesday 1 July 2020If you are interested in a studio visit by Amos Ben-Tal, you can sign up until Wednesday 1 July via de following link:
Please include a brief motivation (in English). All entries will be sent to Amos Ben-Tal, along with a few suggestions from Stroom. He will make his personal selection of artists to visit. You will only receive notice if you have been selected by Amos Ben-Tal for a studio visit.

*Attention: In view of Covid-19 we emphasize that the studio visits must take place one-on-one, with attention to good hygiene and at all times keeping a distance of 1.5 meters.

Short biography
Amos Ben-Tal (Israel, 1979) is a choreographer, composer and artistic leader of the artistcollective OFFprojects. Amos started dancing at the age of thirteen in various schools in Israel and completed his training in 1997 at The National Ballet School in Toronto, Canada. He then moved to Holland where he danced at Nederlands Dans Theater, performing with the company for nine years. It is also at NDT where he developed his passion for choreography. The success of his piece Discontinyou, made for the annual NDT Choreographic Workshop, led to a commission to create a work for NDT1- Track. The piece was premiered in 2005 and was hailed as ‘an exhilarating theatrical experience' by Dance Europe magazine. In 2006 Amos left NDT to dedicate himself full-time to developing his own work. He then created several works under the wing of Korzo Productions in The Hague (Ziggurat and We Are Not Humanity among others).

In 2012 Amos founded OFFprojects, a collective consisting of former dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater, Emanuel Gat Dance and Batsheva Ensemble. With this group he has created several full-evening works (a.o. OFFline and Might) as well as a myriad of shorter pieces, installations and events. In 2016 the group won the prestigious Dioraphte Dance Prize for their production Howl, a collaboration with known Dutch poet and musician Spinvis. Their latest work 60 was premiered at Julidans Festival 2019 in Amsterdam and was made in collaboration with the dance company ICK Amsterdam. OFFprojects has performed extensively all over The Netherlands as well as in France, England, Germany, Czech Republic and Russia. Amos' commissioned work for companies includes Ballet Nationale de Marseille (France), Junior Company Of Zapalla Danza (Italy), Ballet im Revier (Germany), Arts Umbrella Dance Company (Canada), North West Dance Project (USA) and Aura Dance Company (Lithuania).
Amos composes the music for all his pieces as well as for other choreographers and he is the lead singer of the rock band Noblesse.
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About the studio visiting program
Since 2006, on a regular basis Stroom invites curators, artists and critics from The Netherlands and abroad to visit the studios of artists in The Hague. These studio visits offer an opportunity for artists to present their work and receive contructive feedback on their practice. The program also aims is to strengthen and broaden the artists' network.
Expected studio visits in 2020
(subject to change, starting in September)
Richard Parry, director Glasgow International, Scotland
Eugenio Viola, chief curator, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Colombia