Open call studio visit Thomas Bakker on 15 & 16 June 2022

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On Wednesday 15 June and Thursday 16 June 2022 visual artist, teacher, and founding member of artist initiative Club Solo in Breda Thomas Bakker, will visit the studios of The Hague artists. About his artistic practice and areas of interest, he says the following:
Strongly influenced by cinema and architecture my site-specific installations show constant research into narrative and space. I see filmed material as an extension and instant (re)presentation of my thinking. My temporary installations are assembled from pictures, projected slides, video and 16 mm film fragments and combined with everyday objects and their surroundings. I use the formal and restricted exhibition space as a studio to create a synthesis between alertness; being in a new place and the informal attitude that comes along with getting to know it; walking around aimlessly and exploring. This paradox of curiosity and disinterest works for me both as an artist and a visitor. I combine the process of production and exhibition making with the intent to question the status of the sketch and the final piece. The result however is presented in a clear and formal way. I clean up and let the space show my work and itself. I relate with the motives and practices of artists that use the process of transformation and (re)location as their main source of inspiration or even as conceptual and material resource. Besides my own practice I feel the need and urgency to connect and organize exhibitions with and for other artists. Examples are the exhibition Parkplatz and artist run space Club Solo.

You can apply until Sunday 22 May 2022
If you are interested in a studio visit by Thomas Bakker you can sign up until Sunday 22 May 2022 via the following link:
Please include a brief motivation. All entries will be sent to Thomas along with a few suggestions from Stroom. He will make his personal selection of artists to visit. Shortly after the deadline you will receive notice if you have been selected for a studio visit.

Short biography
Thomas Bakker earned his Bachelor's degree from AKV|St.Joost, Breda and his MFA in 2002 from the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam where he majored in Sculpture and New Media.
Bakker's work has been shown at Post CS-Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Middelheimmuseum Antwerp (BE), Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Neue Galerie München (DE), Glasgow Sculpture Studios, (UK), LOOP Video Art, Barcelona (ES) and at several art initiatives and residencies in and outside of the Netherlands. He established the artist-run space Club Solo in Breda in 2014.

About Thomas Bakker
"Thomas Bakker's conceptual practice explores the way that ideas can be communicated through form, incorporating a diverse range of media including installation, sculpture, photography, film and text. Bakker employs strategies of exhibition making that are often site-specific, viewing exhibitions as a catalyst to produce a reservoir of possible meanings and discursive experiences. His poetic work derives its refined aesthetic from a wide range of influences including film, sculpture and literature. Visual or textual sources and ideas are often repeated across different bodies of work, an indication of his desire to keep ideas in play or to bring them back to life as raw material for future use."
* excerpt from text: UPEXHIBITTAKEDOWNBUILD, 2017, A.Owen, Glasgow Sculpture Studios (UK)

Expected studio visits in 2022
7 & 8 July: Àngels Miralda Tena and Mateo Chacon-Pino, guest curators for a group exhibition at RADIUS CCA in 2023