• Non-financial support for activities that are focused on reflection, in-depth exploration and development and dialogue, for the purpose of developing the recipient's artistic practice or strengthening an initiative's substantive art programme;
• Non-financial support for activities that are focused on strengthening of the recipient's position in the national and international art worlds and expanding the networks of individual artists and artist-run initiatives.

For whom
• Individuals who are registered as a professional artist in the Stroom database;
• Individuals who are actively involved in substantive programmes at artist-run initiatives, collaborative ventures or residency organisations.

There is a clear need among artists, organisations and presentation spaces based in The Hague for reflection, in-depth development and dialogue. By sharing knowledge, experience and insights, they want to better evaluate their own work or substantive programme, sharpen its focus and develop it further - in order to take new steps in their development as an artist or organisation. In addition, Hague artists and organisations aim to expand their international contacts and networks and improve their respective positions at the national and international levels. Such wishes and ambitions contribute substantially to the health and visibility of The Hague's artistic climate. PRO Deo anticipates such wishes and ambitions. PRO Deo is a tailor-made support scheme that relies on the network, knowledge and expertise of Stroom staff and other parties to help the recipient realise a specific proposal. As such, PRO Deo offers an alternative to regular grants, which have traditionally been based on the principle of financial support.

PRO Deo support primarily focuses on in-depth development and exploration, reflection and dialogue, in order to help the recipient gain more insight into and a greater understanding of his or her work, artistic practice and positioning within a broader context.
The PRO Deo scheme should not be turned to for practical issues like the arrangement of an exhibition venue, promotional activities or representation of the artist within the sector. While the PRO Deo support network can think along and provide recommendations about such matters, as a rule, they will focus on substantive issues. The practical execution of substantive concepts and concrete actions are an integral part of an artist's professional practice and need to be handled by the recipient him- or herself.

• 2 times a year
With the application form PRO Deo. Please fill out the Dutch form (full English translation of the Stroom Grant brochure can be downloaded separately, see below).

Closing dates 2018
1 June, 3 December

Full English translation of Stroom Grant brochure
(version 2018)
Dutch application form (.pdf)
Formal requirements/checklist (.pdf)