PRO Onderzoek (Research)

• Research projects and residencies that help the recipient to further develop his or her work and artistic practice;
• Research projects that are intended to strengthen The Hague's artistic climate.
• Maximum amount you can apply for: € 5.000

For whom
• Artists who are registered in the artist database of Stroom;
• Intermediaries, curators, critics, publicists and other individuals who are professionally active in the contemporary art sector. They need not be registered as artists in the Stroom database; however, the research/plan must contribute to the art climate of The Hague.

One factor that helps determine the quality of a city's artistic climate is the local critical capacity that has been built up over the years. To strengthen this capacity, Stroom attaches considerable importance to research projects (see definitions on p. 70 of the grant brochure) and artist-in-residence programmes.

How much
Maximum amount of € 5,000.-
Applicants can be awarded a maximum of 2 PRO Onderzoek grants per year.

Application dates: 4 times a year
With the application form PRO Onderzoek. Please fill out the Dutch form (full English translation of the Stroom Grant brochure can be downloaded separately, see below).

Closing dates 2023
2 January, 27 March, 29 May, 30 October

All forms can be download via the Subsidies (Funding) page >> click here