PRO Onderzoek (Research)

• Research projects and residencies that help the recipient to further develop his or her work and artistic practice;
• Research projects that are intended to strengthen The Hague's artistic climate.

For whom
• Individuals who are registered as a professional artist in the Stroom database;
• Intermediaries, curators, critics, publicists and other individuals who are professionally active in the contemporary art sector.

One factor that helps determine the quality of a city's artistic climate is the local critical capacity that has been built up over the years. To strengthen this capacity, Stroom attaches considerable importance to research projects and artist-in-residence programmes.

How much
Maximum amount of € 5,000.-
Applicants can be awarded a maximum of 2 PRO Onderzoek grants per year.

Application dates: 4 times a year
With the application form PRO Onderzoek. Please fill out the Dutch form (full English translation of the Stroom Grant brochure can be downloaded separately, see below).

Closing dates 2018
3 January, 2 April, 2 July, 1 November

Full English translation of Stroom Grant brochure
(version 2018)
Dutch Application form (.pdf)
Budget Template (.xls)
Formal requirements/checklist (.pdf)