SPOT grants - general information

SPOT grants are intended to increase the visibility and improve the presentation of The Hague's artists and art scene. The scheme takes account of new forms of presentation and distribution.

There are three SPOT grant categories:
Individuele tentoonstelling (Individual Exhibition)
Groepstentoonstelling (Group Exhibition)
Documentatie (Documentation)

The Individuele tentoonstelling and Documentatie SPOT grants are specifically intended for artists who are registered in the artist database of Stroom.
The SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grant scheme has a broader scope and can also be applied for by Hague-based collaborative ventures, presentation venues, artists' associations, artist-run initiatives and independent curators based in and outside The Hague.
Only non-profit organisations may apply and are eligible for SPOT funding.
The exhibition grants are intended to support presentations of artists' work in professional exhibition venues.
Presentations at art fairs, biennales and museums abroad are also eligible for SPOT funding, as are presentations of work in the context of an artist-in-residence programme. Such presentations should emphatically be of an audience-friendly nature.

The SPOT grant application process
Applications for a SPOT grant may be submitted throughout the year, and exclusively in digital form via:
spotsubsidies [at]

SPOT grant applications need to satisfy a number of substantive requirements, which differ from one grant type to the next. Please refer to the information sections on the individual SPOT grant types for a description of the grant's specific framework, the required information and the review criteria.

The SPOT grant budget is distributed over 4 quarters.
If the quarterly maximum of the grant budget is reached, no more applications can be submitted for that particular quarter. This will be announced on the Stroom website. See subsidies general information page.

An application for SPOT funding will only be accepted if it:
• Satisfies the requirements that have been set for it;
• Has been received before the established deadline;
• Is complete.

Applications that concern an exhibition that is already being set up, an exhibition or presentation that has been organised by a Dutch museum or the Dutch government or a design fair/exhibition will not be accepted for review.
In addition, before submitting an application, individuals who are registered as a professional artist in the Stroom database are required to update their CV and visual documentation on the website Stroom will not review any SPOT grant applications by Hague artists until this condition has been met.
Within the Stroom grant scheme, a specific proposal may only be awarded 1 grant. It is not possible to simultaneously submit PRO and SPOT applications for one and the same proposal.

The full informations about the SPOT can be found in the Subsidiebrochure 2023 which can be downloaded on the general Stroom Subsidies page (in Dutch). The English translation can be downloaded separately.