Art at schools

When school buildings are renovated or new schools are built, the city of The Hague employs the so-called Percent for Art program for public art commissions. Stroom advises the various school boards on how to spend these art budgets. Based on the conviction that works of art can have a great impact on a large group of young people, many projects have been realised at schools over the years. Sometimes the art projects are accompanied by workshops given by the artists as an introduction to the works of art at that specific school. A number of projects are also accompanied by an (educational) publication (see separate projects).


  • Nynke Koster, 2023
  • YES College and Children's Center Aquamarijn, Donker Curtiusstraat 4, The Hague
  • Afra Eisma, 2022
  • Dalton Kind Centrum Helen Parkhurst, Baambruggestraat 2-4, The Hague
  • Sander Bokkinga, 2014
  • Valkenbosschool and Christelijke Montessori School (CMS), Cederstraat 29 en Abeelstraat 30, The Hague
  • Gijs Assmann, 2004
  • J.C. Pleysierschool De Zefier & Pedologisch Instituut, Dr. van Welylaan 4, DenHaag
  • Ingrid Mol, 2004
  • Elementary school Statenkwartier, Van Beverningkstraat 29, Den Haag
  • Elise Tak, 2003
  • Elementary school ’t Palet, Doedijnsstraat 4, The Hague
  • Dumoffice, 2000
  • Christelijk College De Populier, Populierstraat 109, Den Haag


For commissions from the period 2003-2007 also see the publication 'BUUT! Kunst op Haagse Scholen 2003 tot 2007' (only available in Dutch).

For commissions from the period 1998-2000 see also the publication Kunst op Haagse Scholen (only available in Dutch).

Coordinator school commissions: 
lperlot [at]