PRO Kunstprogramma (Art Program)

• Programmes in the field of contemporary art;
• Exchange activities with foreign counterparts;
• Guest studio programmes and artist-in-residence programmes.
• Maximum amount you can apply for: € 10.000 (from € 5.000 cofinancing is required).

For whom
• Organisations that realise the programme in question on a non-profit basis - such as artist-run initiatives, residency organisations, artists' collectives and artists' associations;
• Freelance curators and organisers.

Presentation venues with an open and experimental attitude are of indispensable value to the art scene. By drawing attention to new developments, stimulating dialogue and encouraging critical reflection, these organisations and partnerships are able to form a bridge between the work, the artists and the audience. To promote this multi-level role of laboratory, presentation platform and venue for interaction and exchange, Stroom believes it is important to support the programmes of artist-run initiatives, artists' collectives, residency organisations and independent curators.
Stroom encourages exchange projects with foreign organisations and/or individuals and guest studio programmes, and hopes to stimulate parties in the art world to coordinate such initiatives themselves. This kills two birds with one stone: interesting foreign artists travel to The Hague, and Hague artists gain an opportunity to raise their profile abroad.

How much
• Maximum amount € 10,000.- (from € 5,000.- co-financing obligatory). Applicants can be awarded a maximum of 2 PRO Kunstprogramma grants per year.

• Application dates: 4 times a year
With the application form  PRO Kunstenaarsinitiatieven. Please fill out the Dutch form (full English translation of the Stroom Grant brochure can be downloaded separately, see below).

Closing dates 2023
• 30 January, 21 May, 28 August, 20 November

All forms can be download via the Subsidies (Funding) page >> click here