Departure director Arno van Roosmalen from Stroom

The Hague, November 20, 2020

For some time now the board of Stroom has been in talks with its director Arno van Roosmalen about the interpretation of his directorship within Stroom. This conversation led to the mutual conclusion that the points of view on this matter are so divergent that a departure is inevitable. The board and Mr. Van Roosmalen have therefore decided in good consultation and on the basis of mutual trust to no longer continue their collaboration. Although the recent (negative) media attention is completely separate from the substantive nature of the conversations between the board and Mr. Van Roosmalen and this decision, it has obviously had a major impact on the organization and has thus accelerated the process between the board and Mr. Van Roosmalen.

At the end of 2020 Arno van Roosmalen has been employed by Stroom as director for 16 years. The beginning of 2021, after a holiday period of reflection with his family, would make an ideal turning point in his career. Van Roosmalen wants to investigate to what extent he can realize his vision on the importance of art, to which he also gave shape within Stroom's policy, within a broader social context.

Mr. Van Roosmalen looks back with pleasure on a period in which he and the team of Stroom were able to realize projects such as Foodprint. Food for the city and The Congo Tribunal by Milo Rau. The integrated set of instruments with which The Hague artists are supported and stimulated is also something for the entire team to look back on with pride.

The board thanks Mr. Van Roosmalen and wishes him every success for the future.



Update 7 December 2020
Letter from the president