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News and satire
Lee Camp: Start taking the news from behind
Because most true journalism in the USA is in the hands of the corporate media (and no, this didn't just start under the presidency of Donald Trump) there is a new trend that the most interesting visions on current events are brought to us by 'comedians'. For example the Jimmy Dore Show and comedian/activist Lee Camp with his weekly program Redacted Tonight and his podcast Common Censored (with Eleanor Goldfield). With biting humor he discusses the topics that are hardly touched by the traditional media. Like the 21 trillion dollars of unaccounted for expenses by the Pentagon, the dirty practices of multinationals like Amazon and Nestlé, the minute differences between the Republican and Democratic Party (no, there is no lesser evil). Follow his program on YouTube/Redactedtonight or buy and watch his new stand-up comedy special: Super Patriotic Very Uncle Sam Comedy Special Not Allowed on American TV. As the title says, only available online. Part of the proceeds go to Food & Water Watch and Veterans for Peace.
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Music + videoclip
Wolf Eyes
When I visited the exhibition Robot Love last December I saw the video work I AM A PROBLEM by Will Benedict. It was on view on the top floor of the Campina milk factory in Eindhoven, inside a kind of supervisor's cubicle with a view of the factory floor. Such an intriguing location. I watched the video a number of times and was especially mesmerized by the music of Wolf Eyes. This band from Detroit has been active for some twenty years now and its members are considered to be ‘The Godfathers of American Avant-Noise'. What a great place to 'discover' my favourite new band!
TIP: Cora

Civilisations: exploring thousands of years of visual culture
Civilisations is an epic series spanning 31 countries on six continents, and covering more than 500 works of art. Presenters Simon Schama, Mary Beard and David Olusoga explore humanity's desire to create. Featuring African, Asian, American as well as European cultures to explore how human creativity began and developed, how civilisations around the world influenced one another and how artists have depicted the human form and the natural world. A must-see for all lovers of art.
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Stand-up comedy
Make Happy van Bo Burnham
Symphonic. Honest. Primed for the spotlight. Comedian Bo Burnham is here to spill a bright, comic mess on a dark world. At sixteen he was one of America's first YouTube stars and since has developed into a seasoned performer. His unique style is a mix of stand-up comedy, music, theater, rap, dancing and mime. His 2015 show Make Happy is available on Netflix and YouTube. Check it out. You will love it!
TIP: Bas Mulder

Platform for fearless journalism
The Intercept
An online news platform created by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill. The short-term mission was to provide a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The NSA coverage was comprehensive, innovative and multi-faceted. The long-term mission is to produce fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues. The creators believe that the prime value of journalism is its power to impose transparency, and thus accountability, on the most powerful governmental and corporate bodies.
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Movies on the death penalty
Inspired by the installation of Sam Durant's Scaffold in The Hague - an artwork that functioned as a platform for discussion on the death penalty, democracy and justice - here a list of selected movies (and documentaries) that in some way or other zoom in on the death penalty:
The Green Mile (1999); Dead Man Walking (1995); Capote (2005); Infamous (2006); The Thin Blue Line (1988); Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman (2005); The Life of David Gale (2003); Harakiri (1962); I Want to Live! (1958); Race to Execution (2006); La vie, l'amour, la mort (1969); Dancer in the Dark (2000); The Front Page (1974); Into the Abyss (2011); 10 Rillington Place (1971); 12 Angry Men (1957); M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (1931); Paths of Glory (1957); The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946); The Chamber (1996), Death Row II (screened at IDFA 2013), Killing Time (screened at IDFA 2013.
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Literary journal
Asymptote is an exciting new international journal dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing. They are interested in encounters between languages and the consequences of these encounters. Though a translation may never fully replicate the original in effect (thus the name, "asymptote": the dotted line on a graph that a mathematical function may tend towards but never reach), it is in itself an act of creation.