The Sculpture Gallery

The Sculpture Gallery (after a concept by P. Struycken in the early 1990s) is a gallery of sculptures, placed on pedestals, placed every 25 meters in the pedestrian area of the Grote Markstraat, Kalvermarkt and Spui. Forty Dutch sculptors have been or will be invited to produce a sculpture for this area. Struycken introduced the pedestal because it creates a bond, both literally and figuratively, between the urban environment and sculpture. As each artist is required to conform to the same dimensions, visual coherence is maintained within the diversity of solutions on an urban scale. In 2011 artist Andre Kruysen took over as curator of the sculpture gallery.

The Hague Council of Children re-arranges The Sculpture Gallery
A new and refreshing arrangement of 'The Sculpture Gallery', unveiled by The Hague alderman Robert van Asten (Cultural Affairs) in the presence of the children.



Plan current set-up of The Sculpture Gallery
(dd. 22 June 2020)
Arrangement by The Hague Council of Children
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Publication De Beeldengalerij van P. Struycken (2007) + insert with update (2014) - only available in Dutch

The sculpture by Karel Appel was a gift to the city of The Hague by Stichting 750 jaar Den Haag (2001).