Reaction Stroom concerning reporting NRC Handelsblad

Reaction Stroom concerning reporting by NRC Handelsblad on serious accusations of sexual misconduct in the world of the visual arts

The Hague, 31 October 2020

Today, 31 October 2020, NRC Handelsblad reports on suspicions of serious sexual assault and other violence in the world of the visual arts. The person the article is about, has exhibited in our art center in 2014 and 2017. Everyone at Stroom Den Haag is shocked by the content of the article and sympathizes with the victims. Of course Stroom disapproves of any form of (sexual) harassment and violence.

In 2014 and 2017, based on substantive arguments, Stroom decided to offer the accused artist an exhibition in our space. With the knowledge of today, Stroom deeply regrets this. Our institution does not in any way want to offer a stage to people who harm others or who are under such serious suspicions. NRC's research is important because it reveals that severe misconduct is possible in the art world. It is painful to have to conclude that it occurs on such a serious scale and has continued to exist for such a long time.

Stroom wants to contribute to solutions for these problems for the whole spectrum of the art world. The past few days Stroom has been in contact with branch organization De Zaak Nu. They have taken the initiative to join Mores has introduced a code of conduct and a hotline for inappropriate behaviour within the performing arts, television and film, art education and museum sector. This will be a first step to prevent artists who have engaged in transgressive behavior from being allowed to have a platform for their work.

Stroom sees it as its responsibility to offer all artists associated with the institution a safe environment in which they can share information in complete confidence. Therefore, Stroom has set up an in-house team to better safeguard this process. Since 2017, Stroom has had no more collaborations with the artist mentioned in the article. It goes without saying that Stroom will never work with the artist in question again.
Hotline for inappropriate behaviour in the performing arts, television and film, art education and museum sector.

NRC Handelsblad, 31 October 2020
How an artist makes a career under persistent allegations of sexual assault and rape
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