Expanded Performance: kick off film program

Saturday 29 September 2012, from 5 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

During the kick off of Expanded Performance the following short films will be shown. Special thanks to Cinedans and Pascual Sisto.

Director: Marianna Mørkøre, Rannvá Káradóttir
Choreography: Rannvá Káradóttir
Faroe Islands, 2010, 5', short
Shot in the wild landscapes of the Faroes. With no dialogue or narrative, the repetitive patterns of movements, costumes, music and landscapes generate a mysterious atmosphere that transports the viewer to a surreal and hauntingly beautiful universe.

Alt I Alt (All in All)
Director: Torbjørn Skarild
Performer: Knut Reinertsen
Norway, 2004, 5', short
A diver is on the point of diving off the board into the deep end. The viewer is swept along to the climax in a rhythm of movement and sound. The defiance of gravity, perhaps a metaphor for freedom.

Director: Compagnie Colateral Maren Sandmann
Choreography: Compagnie Colateral Maren Sandmann
Sweden, 2006, 2', short
This short film is described as  'an attempt to spin the earth'' and perhaps, like Alt I Alt also signifies an attempt to escape gravity and thus a metaphor for freedom.

No Strings Attached
Director: Pascual Sisto
USA, 2007, 1'30", short
In this video we see a plastic, white garden chair enduring transitional change and looped into a constant state of suspension, being kicked around by unseen forces.

Hand Movie
Directors: Yvonne Rainer & William Davies
USA, 1966, 6'17", short
Hand Movie was shot by fellow dancer William Davis when Yvonne Rainer was recovering from surgery in her hospital bed and unable to dance. The film is a close-up shot of Rainer's hand as it performs the kinds of everyday movements that characterize her pioneering minimalist choreography.