SPOT Groepstentoonstelling (Group Exhibition)

SPOT subsidy stop until the end of 2018

The SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grant is intended for exhibitions and presentations of the work by larger groups of artists, as well as open studio events.
The grant is emphatically intended to complement rather than cover the total event budget.

For whom
• Artist groups, of which the members who are based in The Hague are also registered as professional artists in the Stroom database;
• Artists' groups, organisations, artists' associations, exhibition venues and freelance curators based in and outside The Hague.
At least 4 artists need to participate in the planned exhibition or presentation. At least half of the participating artists need to be registered in the Stroom database as professional Hague artists.

By providing a coherent context for artists' work or for in-depth substantive exploration, group exhibitions can promote artistic reflection and improve the positioning of individual artists.
In addition, group exhibitions can help to increase Hague artists' visibility in the Netherlands and abroad. SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grants are intended to fund presentations of artists' work at professional exhibition venues. Presentations at art fairs, biennales and foreign museums are also eligible for SPOT funding. Such presentations should emphatically be of an audience-friendly nature.
Exhibitions and presentations that are organised by a Dutch museum or the Dutch government are not eligible for this funding.
Application procedure
Applications for a SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grant can be submitted throughout the year, exclusively in digital form - via - but should be received no later than 1 month before the start of the exhibition or presentation. Each calendar year, applicants may submit a maximum of 2 applications for a SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grant, to a maximum amount of € 6,000 per year. Any grant amounts awarded will not be included in the calculation of the participating artists' individual annual maxima.

Required information
Applications for a SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grant consist of:
• a completed application form;
• a budget that provides insight into the expected expenses and income. A budget template (modelbegroting) can be found on the subsidies survey page or at the bottom of this page;
• a substantive description of the exhibition's artistic objectives;
• a link to the website of the exhibition venue or a photographic impression of the exhibition in the case of a presentation outside The Hague.
The substantive description of the exhibition's artistic objectives should provide the following information:
• A description of the exhibition, the selection of artists, the exhibition's art-theoretical and/or substantive context, the exhibition concept, the substantive relationship between the exhibited works, etc.;
• The direct occasion, background, motivation and significance of the project (for example, was the plan born from artistic necessity, is it a response to developments in art or society at large, or some other motive);
• A clear description of how the planned group exhibition will increase the visibility of Hague artists and their work;
• Information on the participants' publicity strategy and how they plan to reach the main target audience (a description of the exhibition's target audience, which communication instruments will be used to reach this audience, whether any special methods will be used to generate publicity for the exhibition, etc.);
• Curricula vitae of the participating artists (no more than 2 A4 pages per CV). These CVs are only required for the participants who are not registered as a professional artist in the Stroom database;
Individuals who are registered as a professional artist in the Stroom database are required to update their CV and visual documentation on the website before submitting an application. Stroom will not review any SPOT Groepstentoonstelling grant applications by Hague artists until this condition has been met.

You can only apply for a SPOT subsidy digitally. Fill out the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader and email it as an attachment to:
Full English translation of Stroom Grant brochure
(version 2018)
Digital Dutch Application Form (.pdf)
Dutch Budget Template (.xls)
Formal requirements/checklist (.pdf)