After Neurath: design projects students KABK in Atrium City Hall

April 7 thru 19, 2007
Location: Atrium City Hall
Spui 70

In concurrence with the After Neurath project the Atrium of City Hall presents design projects by students of the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, department Type & Media.

Installation by Eike Dingler and Ludwig Übele
At present time our planet is inhabited by 6.5 billion people.
While you are waiting here, they eat, get married, sleep, smoke, kill each other, watch television, fall in love, drive cars or steal them. It is hard to imagine what is going on permanently and worldwide. This sound installation gives a slight impression of what is happening on planet earth at this every moment. Each beat represents one specific event, for example the birth of a child. Out of the thousands of things that are happening simultaneously, this is just a small extract of the unimaginable going on.

Edgar Walthert: Your Point of View
The installation ‘Your Point of View' demonstrates the manipulative characteristics of diagrams. A viewpoint captures a specific perspective of the model displayed to deliver a different statistical message. This fortifies the fact that diagrams should not be blindly followed as figures and statistics can be newly interpreted or redirected by data formulators. It is always better to get diverse points of view in order to have a better insight of an object or an event.