How are you... in Rio de Janeiro (Raphael Fonseca)

Hoe staat het in deze tijden van corona met onze vrienden die in het afgelopen jaren op bezoek waren bij Stroom, bij wie wij zelf op bezoek zijn geweest, of die hopelijk dit jaar nog komen?
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In these times of corona, what about our friends who visited Stroom in the past years, whom we visited ourselves or who hopefully will be part of the Stroom program this year?
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We vroegen het aan Raphael Fonseca, een van de curatoren in de Stroom Invest Week 2019.

We contacted Raphael Fonseca, one of the visiting curators in the Stroom Invest Week 2019.

May 3, 2020
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It has been already seven weeks since most of the governors and mayors in Brazil have been asking for the population to stay at home as much as possible. Our president, as you may know from the news, already called the pandemic a "little flu" and recently, when asked about the rising number of deaths that is already over five thousand people, answered "So what? I cannot perform miracles". We do not know what the size of our tragedy will be, but it is already one - and the numbers keep on rising, together with a feeling of mourning.

Regarding my private space and personal activities, I admit that I have been privileged enough to spend the last two weeks dedicated to the passion that brought me to the visual arts: cinema. I have been obsessively watching movies - sometimes even five per day. It is a conscious overdose of images, stories and artistic options that feed my mind with new ideas, characters, and emotions. It is impressive how watching so many movies can be a contradictory activity of alienation and commitment to the world, its tragedies, and our need to hope for better days.

So every time a friend asks me "How are you?" in these days, the first image that comes to my mind is the one of Sandra Bullock (as the character Ryan Stone) in Gravity (2013), directed by Alfonso Cuarón - sorry to the Hollywood haters. Just like her, I feel like floating, full of doubts and waiting for the next minutes, days, weeks to act - or to be pushed back to Earth by a spaceship or a meteor.

Meanwhile, here I am learning from the movies and wishing that the news I read every day did not look so much like a dystopian fiction.

Let us keep our imaginations active during these times.
Sending all good vibes to all the readers,



Still from 'Gravity' (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013)
Raphael Fonseca
Raphael Fonseca (Brazil)
Curator Stroom Invest Week 2019
Raphael Fonseca is a researcher in the areas of curating, art history, art criticism and education. He currently works as a curator at Contemporary Art Museum of Niterói and is a professor at Colégio Pedro II. PhD in Critic and Art History (State University of Rio de Janeiro). He received the Marcantonio Vilaça Curatorial Award (2015) and the Centro Cultural São Paulo curatorial award (2017). He was a resident curator at Manchester School of Art (2016).

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