How are you... in London (Lodovica Guarnieri)

Hoe staat het in deze tijden van corona met onze vrienden die in het afgelopen jaar op bezoek waren bij Stroom, bij wie wij zelf op bezoek zijn geweest, of die hopelijk dit jaar nog komen?
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In these times of corona, what about our friends who visited Stroom in the past year, whom we visited ourselves or who hopefully will be part of the Stroom program this year?
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We vroegen het aan Lodovica Guarnieri in Londen, met wie we de afgelopen tijd diverse projecten hebben gedaan, zoals Green Offshores (2018), (UN)just Peace (2018), Uncertainty Seminars (2019) and Reading the City (2018 & 2019).

We asked Lodovica Guarnieri in London, who contributed to the Stroom program with projects like Green Offshores (2018), (UN)just Peace (2018), Uncertainty Seminars (2019) and Reading the City (2018 & 2019).

May 14, 2020
from London, United Kingdon

When someone asks me "How are you?" I'm not sure what to reply. A few weeks ago, when posed the same question, orchestra director Ezio Bosso answered: "I rather more often ask myself how are the others doing... in this time without name." I find myself in line with his preoccupations, to which I would also add: "in this space without place". My closest family members live in Northern Italy, and Brazil and I live in London. This means that since the pandemic has unfolded I've been living in a schizophrenic state. Time has been running at different paces. Narratives went in parallel directions. Anxiety reached opposite peaks. I felt very disoriented.

When someone asks me "How are you?" most of the time I don't reply. When I do, I notice that I describe what catches my attention. The swinging branches of the tree on the other side of the road, the shadows that objects project on the table, the faded colour of the chairs on the terrace. I could go on describing. Not one thing, but many. As if I have to hook to as many elements as possible. As if all the different details that surround me were within me. So I can say "I am here". But also "you are here as well".

Keep strong.



How are you... in London (Lodovica Guarnieri)
foto: courtesy the artist
Lodovica Guarnieri
Lodovica Guarnieri is a researcher and designer working at the intersection between design and politics. Through installations, performances and texts she investigates matter and material processes to unveil the elusive ways governance and economy manifest in the built environment. She is a postgraduate researcher in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths University of London. She holds an MA in Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and a BA cum laude from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy.

Her contributions to the program of Stroom include:
2019: Uncertainty Seminars
2019: Reading the City
2018: (UN)just Peace
2018: Green Offshores
2018: Reading the City: The Hague as Battlefield