Sculptures in the Zuiderpark

Zuiderpark Den Haag

The city of The Hague houses more than 450 sculptures, which can be found on squares, in parks and along the streets. There are sculptures form centuries ago, but also works from today and the number of sculptures is still growing. Sometimes, after a period of time, the location of a piece of sculpture is no longer suitable. The sculpture is overgrown or stands near a building site where new housing projects are being developed. Stroom has taken the renovation of the Zuiderpark as an opportunity to give these sculptures a new life. Until recently no more than ten sculptures occupied the spacious Zuiderpark, but now this number has more than doubled. In addition to sculptures which no longer were in the right place in the city, the park also houses several site-specific works which have been made for this location. All the sculptures have been thoroughly cleaned and are now standing in their fesh new green surroundings. A blue path leads the visitors along all the works of art and along the various wonderful spots of nature of the Zuiderpark. A free brochure is available with all the necessary information concerning the sculptures and their makers (Dutch language only).

Kruidentuin (Herbal Garden): Sculptures from the studios in The Hague (summer 1998)

Under the title ‘A day in the park' workgroup member Aris de Bakker has installed a temporary exhibition in the Herbal Garden, featuring small sculptures from the studios of Phonse van Daalen, Caroline Wigleven, Willemien de Bruijn and Bert Haaitsma, Theo ten Have, Yolande Weerdenburg, Simone ten Bosch, Sonja van Kerkhoff, Marjan Meerbeek, Mohana van den Kroonenberg, Ramon E. Ottenhof, Willem Speekenbrink, Marissa Polin, Derek Welbergen, Christien Rijnsdorp, Nico Pot, Lina Hodoroba, Gert Germeraad and Sybilla Krosch.

Eric Boot - driedelig plastiek
Phil van de Klundert - Kunstfruit
Ingrid Rollema - Wereldwijf
Bram Roth - Relief
Jan Snoeck - Man
Willemien de Bruyn en Bert Haaitsma - Small trees, Sweet dreams