Marino Marini - Horse and Rider (1959) relocation (1996)

Marinipark (voorheen park Winkelstede) in de wijk Bouwlust, Den Haag Zuidwest

At Stroom's recommendation, and thanks to the efforts of Aris de Bakker, a member of its working group, this equestrian statue was relocated to the entrance of the park on the occasion of the renovation of this neighborhood park, in collaboration with the working group Marinipark and the landscape architect Johan Zorgman. It was cleaned up and placed on a flat pedestal with the engraved words that were found on the base of the statue ‘Si contrui, si ruppe, un canto desolato resta sul monde' (man builds, man demolishes, the world is left with a desolate song). On the occasion of the official unveiling, an exhibition was held in the Bouwlust library on Marini and the reception of this sculpture, and students of the Thomas More College were inspired to write poems. Last but not least, the park was renamed the ‘Marinipark'.