Emo Verkerk, Sperwer (sparrow hawk), 2005

Center of The Hague: Spui - Grote Markstraat - Kalvermarkt

Part of The Sculpture Gallery

Only when you get closer you will discover a black bird in the middle of the shiny stainless-steel tubes. The tubes around the bird look like a cage. But they could just as well depict the flight of a sparrow hawk. Like with his portrait collages Emo Verkerk (1955) compiled this bird from pieces of residual materials, like wood, a doorknob and a bobber. A small cap serves as a beak. Verkerk's birds are much more free than his portraits. They are created ‘from memory' and then cast in bronze.

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Emo Verkerk, 2005, 'sperwer' (sparrow hawk), stainless steel
photo: Stroom Den Haag