Arjanne van der Spek, Gisteren staat, Morgenstond, 2005

Center of The Hague: Spui - Grote Markstraat - Kalvermarkt

Part of The Sculpture Gallery

Morgenstond is one of the neighbourhoods of The Hague Arjanne van der Spek (1958) visited in search of everyday objects to use for her sculpture. Because with her sculpture in the city center she wanted to draw attention to the suburbs, the objects had to have a typical or characteristic feature. And thus she created a work that is composed of a heap of sand, a pile of bricks and a typical 1970s lamppost. Actually with ordinary means Van der Spek tries to create something you have never seen before.

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Arjanne van der Spek, 2005, Gisteren staat, Morgenstond, concrete and pigments
photo: Renate Boere, Cas Marks, Laurens van der Pool