Peter Otto, Twisted Totem, 2004

Center of The Hague: Spui - Grote Markstraat - Kalvermarkt

Part of The Sculpture Gallery

This sculpture by Peter Otto (1955) was made in reaction to the many monuments in public space that were erected to celebrate an important historic event or to commemorate a person. Sources of inspiration were the so-called ‘Talking Statues' of Rome. In the 16th century a tradition was born that the citizens would secretly hang their caustic criticism, stinging epigrams and short satiric verses on a statue. Otto's sculpture is an invitation to do the same, to ridicule it, to make a wish or to leave a flower.

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Peter Otto, Twisted Totem, 2004, bronze
photo: Renate Boere, Cas Marks, Laurens van der Pool
Peter Otto, 2004, Twisted Totem, bronze
photo: Stroom Den Haag