Joost van den Toorn, For whom the bell tolls, 1993

Center of The Hague: Spui - Grote Markstraat - Kalvermarkt

Part of The Sculpture Gallery

When the Balkan War broke out Joost van den Toorn (1954) was in Istanbul. On television he saw how a rocket was fired at a minaret, which then exploded. The Turkish television channel spoke of genocide of Muslims. This sculpture is about this news item. The title refers to the book of the same name by Ernest Hemingway about the Spanish Civil War. Both Van der Toorn and this famous American writer look at war from a different country and from a different perspective.

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Joost van den Toorn, 1993, For whom the bell tolls, bronze
photo: Renate Boere, Cas Marks, Laurens van der Pool