Capturing Corona. The lockdown in photos

3 October - 4 November 2020
Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Opening hours: Wed - Sun, 12-17 hrs
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Opening reception: Saturday 3 October 2020
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For the opening you are required to book a time slot. Starting times: 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 hrs (FULL)

In general, historical events are engraved in our collective memory through music, iconic images from films and photographs. Since last spring we find ourselves in a unique moment in history. We all felt it, but it was not always visible. It is precisely this special moment in time that calls for an artistic interpretation. Over the past months the Hague photographers Milene van Arendonk, Esther Hovers, Christian van der Kooy, Johan Nieuwenhuize, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Nadine Stijns and Sandra Uittenbogaart captured the impact of the corona virus on public space. This resulted in a collection of unusual and exceptional photographs. Sometimes you will recognize the location where the picture was taken, but more often the emphasis is on feelings and emotions.

The Hague hosts more presentations about the city in times of corona. In the Affiche Galerij for example you can visit the exhibition Stay Sane Stay Safe; and The Hague Historic Museum collects objects and stories of citizens. This Corona Collection is growing day by day; you can find a sneak-preview online (click on the title).

The exhibition Capturing Corona. The lockdown in photos is a collaboration between Stroom Den Haag, The Hague Historic Museum and Haags Gemeentearchief (Municipal Archives) where the visual material will become part of the collection.

Special thanks to Stichting Atrium, the Mondriaan Fund and The City of The Hague.

Animation by Welmer Keesmaat

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Milene van Arendonk
Esther Hovers
Christian van der Kooy
Johan Nieuwenhuize
Miguel Peres dos Santos
Nadine Stijns
Sandra Uittenbogaart

'Capturing Corona. The lockdown in photos'
photo: Christian van der Kooy | design: Welmer Keesmaat
Milene van Arendonk, 'Haagse Helden', 2020
photo: © Milene van Arendonk
Esther Hovers, 'Windows', 2020
photo: © Esther Hovers
Christian van der Kooy, 'Godetiaweg - Den Haag - 18:34 - 09 mei 2020'
photo: © Christian van der Kooy
Johan Nieuwenhuize, 'Pavement in times of corona | Cups!' (The Hague April 11, 2020)
photo: ©2020 Johan Nieuwenhuize (+ still from video 'Cups!', on Instagram by @negar_ezazi)
Miguel Peres dos Santos, 'untitled', 2020
photo: © Miguel Peres dos Santos
Senna Castro & Nadine Stijns, ‘Senna Castro #4’, 2020
photo: © Senna Castro & Nadine Stijns
Sandra Uittenbogaart, from the series 'Roaring Twenties', 2020
photo: © Sandra Uittenbogaart