Sculptures of The City Centre

2 September - 3 October 2014
Tuesday 2 September, 16.30 hrs: opening by Marco van Baalen, director Haags Historisch Museum
(Historical Museum of The Hague)
Subsequently Marco van Baalen and P. Strucyken will unveil two new sculptures in the series by Tony van de Vorst and Ingrid Mol

Atrium Den Haag, City Hall, Spui 70
Open: Monday to Friday, 7-19 hrs (on Thursday 21.30 hrs) and Saturday, 9.30-17 hrs

This fall the first stage of the large-scale redevelopment of The Hague's city center and the renovation of the Grote Marktstraat will be completed. A luxurious pavement, new street furniture and a special lighting plan will create 'The international shopping boulevard of The Netherlands'. The Sculpture Gallery of P. Strucyken plays an important role in the area's upgraded look. A superb collection of contemporary sculptures on view for free 24/7 in the heart of the city.

On September 2 the 40th sculpture in this impressive survey of post-war Dutch sculpture art will be unveiled. And at the end of September for the very first time all pedestals of this beautiful Outdoor Museum in The Hague will be occupied. We will celebrate the occasion with the following events and activities:

An exhibition in Atrium Den Haag, dedicated to the Sculpture Gallery including the approximately 40 models of almost all the sculptures of this pedestal plan. The exhibition will show perfectly how P. Struycken wants the Sculpture Gallery to be viewed.
On the crossroads of the Grote Marktstraat and the Spui the sculptures are placed on pedestals, 25 meters apart. There are 40 sculptures in total. The pedestals were designed by ceramist Geert Lap. The plaques with information are by graphic designer Rudo Hartman. Over the past 23 years many renowned sculptors have created a piece and each year this number will grow with one or two new sculptures. This keeps the gallery up to date. Because the sculptures (including their pedestals) can easily be moved and reshuffled, various new installations are possible. Some time ago the artist André Kruysen was appointed curator of the gallery.

During the run of the exhibition the publication about the Sculpture Gallery (2007, with an updated insert) will be for sale at a special reduced price of € 5,- (reduced from € 7,50). Click here (information Dutch).

People who wanted to know more about the sculptures and about the concept behind the Sculpture Gallery could join special tours of the sculptures in the city center.
No longer available.

Initiative: Stroom Den Haag
Exhibition design: André Kruysen
Graphic design: Vruchtvlees
Design publication: Studio Renate Boere
Text and organisation: Sandra Spijkerman
Special thanks to: P. Struycken, Atrium City Hall, City of The Hague

The Sculpture Gallery of P. Struycken

Beelden van de binnenstad (Sculptures of the City Centre)
photo: design: Vruchtvlees
'Sculptures of The City Centre' in Atrium Den Haag
photo: Vincent de Boer, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
'Sculptures of The City Centre' in Atrium Den Haag
photo: Vincent de Boer, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
'Sculptures of The City Centre' in Atrium Den Haag
photo: Vincent de Boer, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Tony van de Vorst, unveiling 'Vriendinnen', 2014
photo: Stroom Den Haag
Ingrid Mol, unveiling 'Binnenstadgoden', 2014
photo: Stroom Den Haag
The Sculpture Gallery of P. Struycken
photo: Hein van Liempd, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Publication 'De Beeldengalerij van P. Struycken' (2007)
photo: design: Studio Renate Boere
Atrium City Hall
City of The Hague