Nishiko: Repairing Earthquake Project

18 November 2018 - 27 January 2019
Opening: Saturday 17 November, 17 hrs
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-17 hrs

This fall, as part of a series of presentations highlighting promising visual artists, Stroom Den Haag will feature an exhibition of the Repairing Earthquake Project, the magnum opus of the Hague-based artist Nishiko (Kagoshima, Japan, 1981). After the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami in March 2011, she visited the Tohoku district in Japan, searching for remaining objects and collecting eye-witness accounts that enable us to experience the aftermath of the disaster first hand. During the project Nishiko repairs and reconstructs the battered objects with great care and tenderness. Their scars are visual reminders of these historical events. "In my point of view, extreme care and dedication generate a potential for healing", the artist stated. The repaired objects were further granted a second life, as the artist had them adopted by foster parents. The exhibition at Stroom will present the Repairing Earthquake Project for the first time in its entirety.

In 2018 the artist puts the finishing touches to the project with two new components. The completion of the project is also urged on by pressure of time. The artist recently remarked that in Japan, the reconstruction of tsunami-struck areas takes place at such a fast pace that it becomes increasingly difficult to find traces of the disaster outside the confined, highly radio-active areas. Earlier this year, Nishiko moved into a temporary studio in the coastal district Tofino, Canada, to collect which remainders of material culture still wash ashore at the other side of the Pacific Ocean, seven years after the tsunami. Recently, the artist returned to the afflicted area in Japan. Based on interviews with surviving victims of the tsunami in Japan, Nishiko will supervise the creation of drawings of the lost objects. An environmental organization recently stated that many years after the event, survivors of the disaster still try to get compensation for the personal belongings they have lost. The victims consider these objects an integral part of their life and are still trying to get these objects returned to them. In response to these reports, the artist decided to render the objects which the survivors miss most as drawings and to donate them subsequently.

The exhibition at Stroom not only aims to present the impressive Repairing Earthquake Project to a wider audience. Nishiko's project also enables us to experience a human tragedy. Simultaneously the project bears witness to an ecological crisis. The fact that the sea level is rising dramatically due to man-made climate change, as well as the presence of plastic garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean, gives the project even more urgency. The Repairing Earthquake Project not only dwells on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, it also reflects upon our common future.

Stroom School side program
The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive educational program, aimed at pupils of elementary and secondary schools, students, and other audiences within and beyond the field of the visual arts. An interdisciplinary lecture program with speakers from The Netherlands and abroad will be part of this program.

The exhibition and lecture program will be compiled by guest curator Roel Arkesteijn. He is a curator and author interested in forms of artistic engagement, activism, and art for social change. Since 2008 he has been curator of contemporary art at Museum De Domijnen (formerly: Museum Het Domein) in Sittard.

Special thanks to:
The exhibition is made possible through generous support by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Mondriaan Fund and the City of The Hague.

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Nishiko: Repairing Earthquake Project
photo: design: Caroline de Lint
Nishiko, 'Repairing Earthquake Project, object#2011_4', 2012
photo: Yuhki Yamamoto, courtesy Nishiko
Nishiko, 'Repairing Earthquake Project, object#2011_35', 2012
photo: Yuhki Yamamoto, courtesy Nishiko
Nishiko at work on 'Repairing Earthquake Project'
photo: courtesy the artist