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Critical Utopists

Artists and architects make plans for a better world and put their critical vision to the test. This way they stimulate those involved to use their imagination, while at the same time inviting a discussion on their own discipline.

The presentation at Stroom functioned as a showcase for their ideas. Thus One Architecture + Berend Strik (NL) focused on individual situations. They unfolded their undogmatic approach towards the requirements for a home for older artists. Nils Norman (GB) concentrated on community-based initiatives. He presents a proposal for an ‘edible park' and shows how information is distributed by means of his Geocruiser bus and his library on a bike. Kyong Park (USA) is active on an urban level. He especially is concerned with the desolate inner-city of Detroit, which he tries to bring back to life with the help of its remaining population. Ocean Earth (USA), with a.o. Peter Fend,  looks at the politics of energy production on a global level and presents irrefutable information explaining how the balance of power in the world is ruled by these politics.

Boris Gerrets and Ronald van Tienhoven filmed each of the participants on location and made four separate documentaries.

After a concept and curated by
Liesbeth Bik, Arnold Mosselman

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Ways Out: installation Nils Norman
Ways Out: installation Ocean Earth
Ways Out: installation One Architecture + Berend Strik