UN Youth Impact - Mural

Location: Wall of One Planet (Museon-Omniversum), President Kennedylaan, The Hague
Unveiled: 11 April 2022
Part of: See You in The Hague

Our program See You in The Hague examines the Peace and Justice identity of the city of The Hague from the perspective of art. The impact of the work at international organizations extends far beyond what we imagine it to be. It is interesting to see how artists are tackling this subject from a variety of perspectives. They come together in the conviction that art contributes to an understanding of social processes and that the involvement of the wider public is an imperative necessity.

In 2021, Stroom partnered with local youth organization UN Youth Impact to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals require input from young people from around the world. A large mural by the artist duo Karski & Beyond depicts what themes the youth of The Hague would like to see on the UN agenda.

Pictured on the wall are a.o. the Liberian activist Satta F. Sheriff (founder of  Action for Justice and Human Rights) and  Dutchman Boyan Slat (founder of  The Ocean Cleanup).

Through a social media campaign and an educational program for high school students we will try to find out.

Stroom shared its expertise and network to help UNYI realize this project.

You can find the work on the wall of One Planet (Museon-Omniversum), right behind the statue of Nelson Mandela.
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UN Youth Impact Mural by Karski & Beyond
photo: Stroom Den Haag
UN Youth Impact Mural by Karski & Beyond
photo: Stroom Den Haag
Karski & Beyond in front of the wall of One Planet