De Staat van Verzorging (The State of Care)

1 November 2020 - 14 February 2021
Stroom Den Haag (online)
@de_staat_van_verzorging (Instagram)

Jack Engelbrecht, Koen Kievits, Jakob van Klinken, Mirjam Linschooten, Constanze Schreiber. Their coach: Rachel Bacon.

Through the research project De Staat van Verzorging (The State of Care), a group of artists investigates the use of 'green' in public space in The Hague. Their research can be followed online via Instagram:: @de_staat_van_verzorging

Partly as a result of the attention for climate change and environmental pollution, 'green' is a hot topic. 'Green' should bring the experience of nature back into our petrified urban space and provide people with a better living environment. But can the promises of a green infrastructure be kept? Who makes the decisions about our urban green space and who is responsible for its maintenance? These are some of the questions the research will focus on

De Staat van Verzorging (The State of Care) stems from Stroom's previous contact with Hans van Houwelingen, in connection with his documentary about the preservation of De Blauwe Golven, the environmental art work of Peter Struycken in Arnhem. The municipality of Arnhem initially wanted to demolish this iconic work of art to make way for a new piece of greenery. Van Houwelingen got wind of this, and together with a number of students and young artists formed the ArteZTeam, which started a research project that led to a renewed discussion about the work's right to exist.
The film Tussen Blauwe Golven en Groene Corridor will have its première during sonsbeek20-24 (10 April - 21 June 2021).

The five artists (Jack Engelbrecht, Koen Kievits, Jakob van Klinken, Mirjam Linschooten, Constanze Schreiber) who are now investigating the use of greenery in The Hague were intensively involved in Van Houwelingen' documentary. During that project they realized that making the film was not only a way of documenting the political decision-making but also of exercising political influence on the process. From these insights they feel a further need for participation and control in the socio-political processes that shape society and public space. This is the basis for The State of Care. Bram Kuypers was also involved in the concept development. The Hague artist Rachel Bacon is involved in the project as coach and advisor.

“Green” in The Hague's public space
“Green” in The Hague's public space
Peter Struycken, Blauwe Golven
photo: Marjon Gemmeke