Festival Designkwartier 2018 at Stroom

1 - 3 June 2018
Location: Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Friday - Sunday, 11- 18 hrs
Full program Festival Designkwartier

Festival Designkwartier celebrates its fifth edition in the Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague. The festival features more than 100 designers on 65 locations.

The exhibition My Practice, My Politics shows work by artists and designers who recently graduated from the KABK (Royal Academy of Art The Hague). The interdisciplinary exhibition - curated by Saskia van Stein and Agata Jaworska - interconnects fine arts, photography, artistic research and various design disciplines and explores how art is inherently political. During Festival Designkwartier many of the artists are present for questions, talks and guided tours.

During Festival Designkwartier a number of artists is present for questions, discussions and guided tours.

Saturday 2 June 2018
Present in the exhibition:
12-15 hrs: Katarina Petrovic & Fahmy Shahin
14-17 hrs: Fahmy Shahin & Miguel Peres dos Santos
Guided tours:
13 hrs: Katarina Petrovic
14 hrs: Fahmy Shahin
15 hrs: Miguel Peres dos Santosl
16 hrs: Fahmy Shahin

Sunday 3 June 2018
Present in the exhibition:

12-15 hrs: Klodiana Millona & Miguel Peres dos Santos
14-17 hrs: Katarina Petrovic & Klodiana Millona
Guided tours:
13 hrs: Miguel Peres dos Santos
14 hrs: Klodiana Millona
15 hrs: Katarina Petrovic
16 hrs: Klodiana Millona

Artists in the exhibition
Eline Benjaminsen, Kristina Benjocki, Jean-Baptiste Castel, Yamuna Forzani, Daniel Grumer, Klodiana Millona, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Katarina Petrovic, Fahmy Shahin, Gitte Svendsen, Abel Wolff

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK) and Stroom Den Haag and is supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the Municipality of The Hague and the Stichting tot Steun.

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Festival Designkwartier 2018
My Practice, My Politics
photo: Design by Yacinth Pos, alumna KABK Graphic Design