nu monument

about the (im)possibility of a contemporary monument

The theme program ‘nu monument' investigates the (im)possibility of a contemporary monument, as well as the position of art in this matter. Can art really give meaning to ‘publicity' in a fluid and fragmented society?

PROGRAM 'nu monument'

9 May 2007
Inauguration OPCW Memorial to all victims of chemical weapons (by Voebe de Gruyter)

Summer 2007
NAbeeld Willem II, a temporary monument for the kingdom
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23 January 2008
Lecture Hans van Houwelingen
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March-April 2008

Survey of monuments in The Hague by André Kruysen
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12 February thru 17 March 2008
Educational project accompanying 'NAbeeld Willem. Monument to the new Dutchman'
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25 March 2008
Table Talk Thorbecke
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14 September thru 9 November 2008
Exhibition 'Since we last spoke about monuments'

19 October thru 7 December 2008
Workshop Thorbecke

22 February thru 5 April 2009
Cyprien Gaillard 'Beton Belvedere'

22 February thru 29 March 2009
Cyprien Gaillard 'Dunepark'

29 April 2010
Lecture Dario Gamboni and presentation Florian Göttke 'Toppled'

Thorbecke statue in Amsterdam