The Knight's Move: Paul Shepheard

21 September 2011, 8 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Language: English
Entrance fee: € 5,- (via transfer to ING-account 605409 of Stroom Den Haag stating the name of the lecture)
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Paul Shepheard
is a writer living in London, England. He is qualified as an architect but since the publication of 'What is Architecture? An Essay on Landscapes, Buildings, and Machines' by the MIT Press in 1994 has gradually shifted the emphasis of his activities to writing and lecturing. He has two other books with the MIT Press, 'The Cultivated Wilderness', about landscape, 1997, and 'Artificial Love' about architecture and machines, 2003. He has taught at the Architectural Association in London, the University of Texas at Austin and the Academie Van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam.

'Infrastructure: default/poetic' (working title)
Paul Shepheard writes: "The working title of this talk is 'Infrastructure: default/poetic'. I first started thinking about this subject at the seminar 'A Wider View' in Apeldoorn in 2008. Now it has become part of my continuing enquiries into the structures of the material world.
A 'default' is an orthodox position, and I start with the idea that infrastucture defaults are usually either profit or history, though we talk about utility most of the time. When I suggest 'poetic', I am trying to show that something else lies beneath these rationalisations: after all, infrastructure does mean 'the structure that lies beneath'.
Anyone who uses the word 'poetic' labours under the shadow of the great phenomenological work 'The Poetics Of Space'; with this lecture I shall also be trying to wriggle out of that shadow.
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Paul Shepheard recently contributed to the book 'Warten Auf Den Fluss' about the contribution of Het Observatorium to 'Emscherkunst 2010' (Klartext Verlag, 2011).

The Knight's Move
‘The Knight's Move' is a series of lectures by eminent international speakers who stand out by their unusual, enlightening and inspirational visions concerning the city, urbanity, the public domain, and community. Just as the knight moves in an atypical and unusual way across the chessboard, Stroom Den Haag likewise wants to cut across all disciplines and thus stimulate rethinking the city.

Media partner of this series of lectures is: De Groene Amsterdammer. The Knight's Move is also made possible by the Netherlands Architecture Fund.

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Nidderdale, Yorkshire, England
photo: Paul Shepheard
Paul Shepheard + Arno van Roosmalen
photo: Stroom Den Haag
Paul Shepheard at Stroom
photo: Stroom Den Haag
Paul Shepheard
Karl Valentin as Schwerer Reiter
photo: © Schloss Wahn