Zefir7: New Signatures 2017

Donderdag 14 september 2017, 20:30 uur
(deuren open: 20 uur)
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Locatie: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag
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Zefir7 is het maandelijks ontwerperscafé bij Stroom Den Haag i.s.m. BNO Kring Groot Den Haag.

De redactie van Zefir7 koos opnieuw zeven ontwerpers uit die dit jaar afstudeerden aan de diverse kunstacademies in Nederland.
Arthur Boer en Boris Smeenk (WDKA Rotterdam);  Dominica Chen (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam); Jeroen Exterkate (HKU Utrecht); Reijnald Kolthof (ArtEZ Arnhem); Pim Kraan (Academie Minerva Groningen); Ignas Pavliukevicius (KABK Den Haag)

Arthur Boer and Boris Smeenk / WDKA Rotterdam / Epoch - Decoding Meaning
‘Epoch' is about generating images and captions in real time, using deep learning technology. ‘Epoch' represents a collectively formed visual database and interpretes our visual culture - the relation between image, language, emoij and hashtag.
Dominica Chen / Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam / Superpower Studio
Provoking the stereotypes of "good" design, Dominica Chen explores the twilight zone between useful and useless objects. She takes "unuseless" to the next level and dives with Superpower Studio into the internet world of "pointless superpowers".
Jeroen Exterkate / HKU Utrecht / Fucking Humans
We as a species are destroying our planet and we are forced to live with the consequences of that. Short animations are giving you a small peek inside Jeroen's visions of our future. He uses 3D software as a tool to create images from scratch. It is no far cry for changing or rescuing the world, but rather getting the issues across, visualizing them and making people think.
Reijnald Kolthof / ArtEZ Arnhem / Degreys
For my graduation collection I was inspired by two fictional identities created by imaging in media such as animation films and comic strips. The western warrior and the eastern ninja. This collection consist of eight shoes and two coats. As a designer I like to rethink the traditional approach of construction, and did this through these identities.
Pim Kraan / Academie Minerva Groningen / Kan prima
Winner of the Academy Minervaprize for Design.
Seven versions of myself. Which one is the real one? Am I who I am?
Ignas Pavliukevicius / KABK Den Haag / Waterproof Heart
Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Interactive / Media / Design.
As the line between real and artificial is becoming blurrier than ever, could technology be considered as a metaphor for an organism? Can digital beings elicit empathy and when are we going to decide how we feel about them? By questioning emotions of a robot, could we understand the meaning of being a human being?

Zefir7: New Signatures
foto: design: Jaap Smit
BNO Kring Groot Den Haag