Lectures Felicity Scott and Metahaven

in concurrence with masterclass Luc Deleu-T.O.P. Office.

Tuesday 22 March 2011, 8 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Language: English
Reservations: use form at bottom of this page

In the week of 21 thru 25 March 2011 Stroom Den Haag hosts the masterclass 'Luc Deleu-T.O.P. Office: Orban Space'. This masterclass, attended by 21 students participate, will feature contributions by an international group of writers, designers and researchers. During the week, three of the experts will give a lecture open to the general public. On March 25 the students will present and talk about the final results of the workshops.

22 March 2011, 8 pm: lectures Felicity Scott and Metahaven
24 March 2011, 1 pm: lecture John Macarthur
25 March 2011, 3--6 pm: presentation results

The masterclass Luc Deleu-T.O.P. Office: Orban Space intends to investigate the work of the Belgian architect-artist Luc Deleu within art and architecture historical frameworks, as well as position his practice from the 1960s onwards in a more broad social and political context. The masterclass is also in preparation for the upcoming exhibition at Stroom Den Haag and a new publication by Valiz Publishers, both planned for 2012. The participating experts will all contribute to this publication.

Felicity Scott
Felicity Scott is director of the program in Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices in Architecture (CCCP) at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University.  She is also a founding co-editor of Grey Room, a quarterly journal of architecture, art, media, and politics. She is the author of 'Architecture or Techno-Utopia: Politics After Modernism' (2007) and 'Living Archive 7: Ant Farm' (2008). She recently completed the manuscript for a book 'Cartographies of Drift: Bernard Rudofsky's Encounters with Modernity'.

Metahaven is a design and research collective based in Amsterdam and Brussels. The bureau was founded in 2006 by Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden. In 2010 they published 'Uncorporate Identity' about their own practice in the broader context of design, politics and branding.

The masterclass'Luc Deleu - T.O.P. Office: Orban Space' is organized by the master research program Visual Arts, Media & Architecture (VAMA) of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in collaboration with T.O.P. Office, Stroom Den Haag and Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren. The masterclass is also made possible by VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands Architecture Fund, Fonds BKVB and deBuren.

publication Metahaven
publication Felicity Scott
publication Felicity Scott