Positions: Afterlives x Sarojini Lewis

performance and artist talk

Friday 24 November 2023, 18:00 - 21:30 hrs
Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Entry: free
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Positions is the ongoing program of Stroom Den Haag showcasing contemporary art practices in The Hague. With Positions: Afterlives, Stroom introduces a new series of events that focuses on the manifold ways in which colonial histories are experienced in the present. Over the next six months, artists Sarojini Lewis, Travis Geertruida, Sabine Groenewegen and Ruben La Cruz and Karolien Helweg present special gatherings to share their artistic positions through performances, readings, screenings, talks and food sharings.  

The first contribution is by artist Sarojini Lewis. Using film, photography, archival materials and performance, her artistic practice explores the history of slavery, contract labor and migration through the lens of personal stories. In archives, this history is found in the form of property papers and in 'numbers' that express individuals. As a counterpoint, Lewis uses fiction after writer Saidiya Hartman's concept of critical fabulations: an invitation to critical speculation. In doing so, she gets closer to missing stories behind ancestors' names and uses rituals to depict the embodiment of their lives.  
Retrospectively, this creates new connections between history and the present, geopolitical relationships and imaginative narratives.  
For visitors of the event Sarojini Lewis' father, Michael Lewis, will cook a family recipe of the famous soto, a traditional soup from Indonesia and Suriname.  

PROGRAM 24 November, 2023
17:45 hrs - walk-in
18:00 hrs - soto soup (chicken/vegan)
19:00 hrs - start of program
21:30 hrs - conclusion 

Still: Sarojini Lewis i.s.m. Coco Duivenvoorde